NEIL ATKINSON and John Gibbons bring you a glory edition of The Coach Home, with celebrations and hangovers galore.

First we speak to Daniel Gray who was in the stands and on the pitch at Middlesbrough on Saturday as they secured the point they needed to gain automatic promotion back to the Premier League. He talks us through his day. The nerves, the joy, the pints, the many many pints. He also reserves praise for certain members of the football club, both on and off the pitch, who have helped make it happen.

Next we speak to Tyrone Marshall who covers Burnley FC for the Lancashire Telegraph as a win at Charlton secured The Championship title for The Clarets. After just a year outside the Premier League, Burnley are back as Champions, but how can they ensure they perform better than the last occasion they were in the league? Tyrone talks through how they might approach the summer and the next campaign.

Finally we were delighted to be joined by Pete Selby from For Foxes Sake podcast and match day commentator at Leicester City. He talked us through a crazy day at the King Power Stadium, with opera singers, free pizza, torrential rain and a Premier League trophy being lifted. But what next for Leicester? What sort of players should they approach this summer? And has anyone booked a summer holiday in Leicestershire this year?

It’s a Coach Home drenched in champagne.

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