The first Gutter show of the summer is sadly without Gutmann. The man who sits in the Gutter, youtubing the stars. Instead there is the harsh reality of Neil Atkinson, (Melissa Reddy) and Gareth Roberts working through the lads who have been linked so far to Liverpool.

But what a set of lads. Sets of lads. Those sets of lads are as follows:

The Lad Who Is In – Karius. General gist is he is coming in to start, he is reasonably priced, probably going to the Olympics and unspeakably handsome.

The Lads Who Were Expected To Be In – Gotze. Everyone thought he’d be going somewhere. Us or Dortmund. The noises out of Bayern aren’t reassuring for him and this one feels like it is going to drag on. Who else? Zielinski. He has spent the whole season being linked. It has now gone strangely quiet. Alaric the other. What has gone on there?

The Lads Who Play Left Back – Chilwell, Hector, Guerrero. Question: Are Liverpool looking for Chilwell plus one, or Chilwell as the one?

The Lads Who Have More Recently Emerged – Dahoud and Brahimi. Brahimi is probably the only type of signing which isn’t an upgrade, in that there isn’t that type of player in the squad. The amount of money seems huge for both and Dahoud’s teammate has been sold.

The Lad Who Got Away – Dembele the young centre forward for 28m. What does this tell us?

All the lads that are fit to print coming through The Gutter show for you.