IT’S A NEW SHOW! How exciting. A show where we get into the big issues and some slightly less big issues that you, the listener, want to us to speak on.

Host Neil Atkinson is joined for the first Wildcards show by John Gibbons, Rob Gutmann, Steve Graves and Ben Johnson for a range of LFC, football and ‘other’ subjects, which this week are:

Danny Ings and his LFC future

Is Luis Suarez and LFC great?

A triple threat footy debate on
– Can Leicester sustain as a top level club?
– How competitive is Spain and La Liga?
– How hard is it to referee?

And a chat about celebrity deaths in 2016

A good effort first time round, we think. But let us know how you found it in the comments below.

In a free clip from the show, listen to Rob, Ben, Neil, John and Steve chat about Danny Ings.
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