IT’S fun to play Jurgen Klopp. He looks like he’s having more fun that the rest of us. So let’s all have a go for an hour in an Unwrapped Special.

Rob Gutmann has the beard, Neil Atkinson has the smattering of German, Steve Graves has the heavy metal and Ben Johnson has the North Sefton manor. Together they form the heart and soul of the Liverpool manager as they try to work out how the manager should approach the rest of the season.

Hopefully eight games left and all to play for, the lads set targets, look at potential league placings. They look at best and worst case scenarios and do future speculations on a big massive white board.

They use words like objectives, morale, projections and fatigue. They talk momentum and rests periods. They go from terrific highs to devastating lows. They get excited about a potential final push that heroes can make. They make wild predictions based on vigourous working out.

It’s what Unwrapped was made for.

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