The Pink: Liverpool 4-3 Borussia Dortmund

NEIL ATKINSON, Phil Blundell, Adam Smith, Kim Gordon, Tom from Earache Records react to Liverpool somehow smashing Liverpool into the next round of the Europa League.

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  1. I haven’t listened to this. I’m fucking twatted, just like to point out that I appreciate your professionalism for producing some presumably semi-sober reaction to that madness. Keep it up

    • they do produce a great reaction, not so sure about the semi-sober part though, I hope Gibbo gets wrapped up warm before he goes home though.

  2. Kudos for getting this out.

    It’s 2:17 and I’m up in 3 hours to pick up my wife from Heathrow. But I can’t sleep, partly for wondering why they took Reus off, but mostly because it feels like a flock of swans have flown up my arse.

    Stitchen sie das.

  3. That was absolutely fucking brilliant and hilarious in equal measure! I’m still a complete mess to be honest and i’ve watched highlights twice and i’m probably about to watch them again! Funny you mention what do people do if they don’t like footy. My mrs called me a dick head earlier and not for the first time for how emotionally involved i am with footy and Liverpool. Safe to say that if we hadn’t won she’d have got a mouthful of abuse haha!!


  4. Oh and jesus christ can we sign Reus? Win the Europa, get into the CL and offer the lad £250,000 a week! Good lord what a player.

  5. Fucking epic show lads.

  6. Liverpool win 4-3 in the finest comeback of the decade, and then this glorious moment happens: “Dear listeners, John Gibbons currently has his top round his head.”

    I love Liverpool and I love you all.

  7. Whhhooooooaaaaahhhhhhh

  8. It was like a salmon. Bang.

  9. Stephen o'brien

    Joe Allen looks like God and he played like one tonight. What an unbelievable game well done lads semis here we come.YNWA

  10. Harry Stephenson

    I’m 54 and supported the Reds from 1971. I thought I had seen it all. But this made me cry too

  11. Im sure the players may have played in some U9 game and done that before but I’m sure the legacy of this result is three fold:

    1) He chastised us for leaving the ground early and he was right too

    2) When he arrived he saw a team that couldn’t believe in themselves and he was right and he has fixed that

    3) and he is still right when he says there is more do by us and by the players. I loved his first reaction when asked about the atmosphere was to set the bar higher.

    ‘I don’t want to hear that the corner was shit. I’m the manager I can control yourself and I expect you too’

    Wow – we are now all officially part of JK’s congregation not just paying spectators who feel that entitles us to whatever we want to say.

    Let us all take note

  12. haha that pic is fucking magic …..up the reds

  13. I love seeing the woman in the red coat behind the manager. Always check she is there.

  14. Camberwellse5

    As a non Red it brought back memories of the 70s when we used to watch Sportsnight with Coleman and support English teams (usually Liverpool) in Europe.
    Anyway I’ve now come to my senses and hope you get stuffed by the yellow submarine.
    Sober or naked and off your faces TAW still the best footy podcast around.

  15. Sometimes magic happens when Liverpool play especially at our magical home of Anfield

    It’s as simple as that great game great crowd fantastic effort from the players

    Dortmund players and manager will look at this and know that to be a player at Anfield is something special they know that something wonderful happened last night

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