IT might feel at the moment like all the football takes place in Liverpool or Leicester, but The Coach Home is here to show you that isn’t the case.

Firstly the final nail was struck into the coffin that was Arsenal’s title hopes on Saturday, after they blew a two goal lead away at West Ham. Arsenal fan Natasha Henry tells Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons what has gone wrong this time and debates whether this is finally the end of the road for Arsene Wenger.

Much happier is Bournemouth fan James Roach who is quick to point out he told us they would survive all along. James lets us in on The Cherries secret this year, it’s just having good players and winning the games you should win, and looks forward to an end of the season with star striker Callum Wilson back from injury. With Liverpool travelling to Bournemouth on Sunday, he also gives us very vague restaurant tips for the city.

Last but by no means least Swansea fan and editor of @intopress Bobby Gardiner informs us how they have turned round a season from looking quite dodgy to safely mid table. The answer is well, not much at all really, they’ve just been a bit lucky. But you’ll take that. We also ask him about today’s news that The Swans are in talks with American investors, and what that might mean for a club that is 21% owned by supporters.

Three great chats. Do enjoy.

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