MIKE NEVIN and Ben Johnson are with Neil Atkinson as they look at 2006/7; perhaps the strangest season in Liverpool’s recent history.

There was enormous expectation on the Reds that they would kick on from their 82 point season and FA Cup win in 2006 to challenge for the toughest title there has ever been. Benitez’s Liverpool were surrounded by expectation but was unable to compete in the transfer market, having to borrow from David Moores to sign Dirk Kuyt.

There was a tough start to the campaign, one which would end in Liverpool’s seventh European Cup Final, and there was constant takeover talk around the Reds – Moores had effectively put the club up for sale.

The approach in the market was wheeler-dealing, not making big signings and Fowler was one of Liverpool’s four forwards. Nothing goes quite as expected in this season and from the outset The Reds were on the backfoot.

Easy listening? Probably not. But Nevin and Johnson are as entertaining as ever remember the swings and the roundabouts of the early part of this campaign.

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