A NEW SHOW. We love a new show.

But some familiar voices – Gerry Donaldson, Anna Walsh and Steve Graves hosted by Neil Atkinson are your guides for this new one.

It is Well Watched – our first film show.

The concept then – to alternate with Well Read we’re going to look at three films every other month that are either about football or include notable football scenes. We’re not going to make any prescriptions about documentary or fiction. Just pick three and go from there.

This time out therefore we have Escape To Victory from 1981 directed by John Huston, The Secret In Their Eyes from 2009 and directed by Juan Jose Campanella and Offside from 2006 and directed by Jafar Panahi.

They are three very different films – Escape To Victory the would be blockbuster with Pele et al. The Secret In Their Eyes with its fantastic set piece at Racing Club in Argentina. Offside, a classic piece of Iranian guerilla film-making.

Let us know what you think then – Well Watched. Well played?

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