NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Ian Salmon and Sean Rogers to pore over the finer points of Liverpool’s ultimately fruitless performance against Manchester City in the League Cup Final with the Reds losing in penalty shoot out.

Did Liverpool ultimately get what they deserved from the game which, broadly speaking, was nothing.

Was Jürgen Klopp outfoxed by Pellegrini, stung by the heavy defeat earlier in the season, with his selection and team set up?

Who stood out for Liverpool in the showpiece fixture and who out of the squad may have sealed their long term fate under Jürgen Klopp?

Why did the Red’s take so long to get going and why are we still seeing the same problems over and over again?

What, if anything, can be taken from the result going forward?

All this and more skilfully dissected on this week’s Tuesday Review.

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