Football - FA Cup - 4th Round Replay - West Ham United FC v Liverpool FC

HEARTBREAKING. And I didn’t expect to be writing that tonight.

Absolutely heartbreaking to see that happen to these lads after the performance they put in. Liverpool deserved the lot insofar as either side did. Liverpool deserved to go to Blackburn; deserved to go through.

It wasn’t a foul. That’s part of what sticks in the craw. Part? Most. Most of it.

Normally these things here aren’t red in tooth and claw but this one is.

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Fuck off, referee.

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You don’t get what you deserve in football and the cliché that mostly things even out over the course of the season mostly holds true.

But tell that to these lads tonight. They don’t want or need evening up. To at least get penalties would have been something. To get the win they deserved across 120 minutes would have been the right thing.

So don’t say they balance out. Don’t give me that. Because how does it balance out for Kev Stewart? For Pedro Chirivella? How does that happen? They gave absolutely everything. Gave their last breath for the cause.

Both centre backs were excellent. They had a constant interest in defending. They solved problems. They deserved more.

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The man who could have given Liverpool more out of the game than any other deserved more out of the game. It was Christian Benteke’s best performance for ages but he simply has to score at some point.

We can look for positives. Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge. The latter emphatically the best player on the pitch. The former scores. These are huge positives for Jürgen Klopp, for Liverpool.

But I don’t want positives. I am heartbroken. I am downcast. Sometimes you just buy into a gang of lads. And these are my heroes.

For 20 minutes Kev Stewart will be my favourite player. For 60 minutes I want Chirivella on the pitch in both legs against Augsburg. And, until kick-off Sunday, I want an unchanged back four against Villa.

These lads deserved one more cup game. You can argue and I will — at least tonight — that these lads deserve more than that.

Up the heartbroken Reds.