Football - FA Cup - 4th Round Replay - West Ham United FC v Liverpool FCAHHHH, what a heartbreaker. We have deserved to lose many games this season, but that wasn’t one of them.

After a slow start, Liverpool took over the game and I could only see one winner. West Ham looked done in and we looked destined to score, or at least win another penalty shoot-out. And then…

You can view it as another set piece and another game we didn’t score enough goals. I’d prefer to look at it as a night we realised we might have more good players than we think. A night a few got fitter and a few more stepped up.

You can take the positives despite the result and tonight there were loads. Someone else will win the FA Cup this year. But I still feel better about Liverpool than I did on the way down.

Simon Mignolet: 6

What a strange performance. Some very good saves, and caught some belters. But dropped a couple of poor ones and punched Andy Carroll in the head. I don’t know, a six will do. Should stop shouting at team-mates when it’s his fault.

Jon Flanagan: 7

Terrific in the tackle and overlapped well, too. Looked like he could have done another 120 minutes. He’s back. May wonder if he could have closed down quicker on West Ham’s first.

Lucas Leiva: 8

You’re going to tell me he gives away the free kick at the end. But before that he was remarkable. They threw everything at him and he dealt with it all. That blonde Brazilian lad who turned up scared of his shadow? No more. My hero, my mate. Our new centre half?

Tiago Ilori: 7

Always liked him… To be slightly critical, he seemed quite happy to let his partner do the real dirty work. But he was certainly there when he was needed.

Brad Smith: 7

Probably at fault for the opener, but he’s a great weapon going forward. Absolute lightning. Toughed it out when he could have gone off.

Kevin Stewart: 8

Who’s this fella?! Can’t wait to go to Euro 2016 with my “Kevin Stewart You Wha?” banner. He’s gonna carry Roy to glory. Played so well the manager felt he could take the rest of the midfield off.

Football - FA Cup - 4th Round Replay - West Ham United FC v Liverpool FCPedro Chirivella: 7

Real warrior tonight. Passed it really well, too. Gave his all. Eighteen years old, ladies and gentlemen.

Jordon Ibe: 5

Was swapped around a bit but couldn’t really get into it. Very hot and cold at the moment.

Philippe Coutinho: 7

It needs remembering what a huge plus Coutinho was. Linked up really well with Smith down the left and generally full of class. Scored, too! And from a free kick!

Joao Teixeira: 5

Getting overtaken a bit by the others. Needs to be better to play as a 10 for a top team.

Christian Benteke: 5

His link-up play was actually pretty good, and his partnership with Sturridge was promising. But goals pay the rent — and Benteke is in danger of being evicted.


Daniel Sturridge: 6

When he went off after a minute or two to change his boots you had to wonder if the whole thing was a massive wind up. But he looked pretty sharp after that, even if his decision making isn’t always the best.

Divock Origi: 5

After the initial euphoria of three up front, I’m not sure it worked. Was asked to play as a winger, when we might have been better off with a more natural wide player supplying the forward line.

James Milner: 6

Looked for Sturridge every time. Which as a tactic is a pretty good one