THANK God it’s Friday.

Or not as far as Merseyside football is concerned. Neil Atkinson is joined by Rob Gutmann and Dave Downie to talk about two league seasons which are petering away into nothingness.

Bleak, admittedly.

But there is a ton of laughs in this Friday Show, Steve Goldsmith talking about Sunderland and David Mooney talking about Manchester City’s massive game against Leicester.

For the Reds though it is all about getting lads out of the treatment room, all about getting going again and getting Klopp in a position where he can assess his players.

Rob and Dave pick a team between them while hearing about Sunderland’s new signing who takes a great set piece. So it’s not all good news.

We get into the concept of Aaron Lennon against the reality too with Dave along with how Barkley is performing.

Liverpool though. Score some goals lads. Run fast. Please. We need you to.

In a free clip from the show Neil and Rob discuss the impact that a certain type of goal can have on a team and just how long the road to Leicester was.

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