HOT TAKES are over. That’s it. Stephanie Heneghan puts the final nail in the hot take coffin on this Rewired. Hosted by Neil Atkinson, the theme of this show is questions. What next? What could be done and by who, how shall we remake Rewired?

Adam Melia gets stuck into Liverpool parks. Neil has a cracker up his sleeve and John Gibbons’s What’s On is full of absolute belters.

Which will we go to? More questions than answers:

Philharmonic Hall

John Grant
Feb 7th
Saw him their last year

Rebecca Ferguson
Feb 8th

Music Room

Wille and the Bandits
Blues Rock
Fri 12th Feb

Williamson Tunnels

Andy Weatherall
Sat 6th Feb
7 hours!


Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Feb 4th
Support from Barns Courtney.

Minor Moguls
Feb 10th

Shipping Forecast

Martha Ffion. Folk
Sunday February 7th

Studio 2. Parr Street

together PANGEA (LA)
Feb 7th.
Support looks good too.

Eliza and The Bear
Tues Feb 9th

Arts Club

Sat 6th
Stormsy headline

The Magnet

Lowflying Launch Party at The Magnet; Pj Walker Michael Bennett Lilium Indigo Moon The Boston Shakers
£5 in. All profits to musicians.
Friday 5th Feb

Four more bands on Monday 8th Feb. £4

The Academy

Public Service Broadcasting
Wednesday 10th Feb