IT’S The Anfield Wrap’s Wrap Up – a quick round-up for all things red on Tuesday, February 16, 2016. Today, Gareth Roberts and Neil Atkinson have a tea-time natter on the day’s developments surrounding Liverpool FC.

More details have emerged about the good and the bad around the Reds’ new signing from Schalke, centre back Joel Matip, while Manchester United flop Michael Owen has been offering up some bizarrely-timed views on Roberto Firmino.

Elsewhere, big Divvy Origi has been lifting the lid on his beautiful smooch with a fan at Villa on Valentine’s Day while Jordan Henderson’s quotes on the ticket price climbdown made a refreshing change.

It raised the question: should players say what they really think more often? Do we really have to suffer more media-trained nonense quotes? The likelihood, sadly, is yes. So celebrate your wins. Well in, Hendo. We love you, Liverpool, we do.