THIS week Rob Gutmann hosts Andy Heaton, Paul Senior and Ian Salmon to discuss Brendan Rodgers re-emergence into public life for the first time since his sacking by Liverpool FC.

The lads analyse his comments from the ‘Sunday Supplement’ TV appearance and his spot as a co-presenter with Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports Monday Night Football.

Here are two links to the aforementioned shows.

Sunday Supplement:
Rodgers MNF:

Was the ex-Liverpool manager disrespectful in any way over the two shows or was it more a case of getting himself back in front of peoples faces and into their consciousness after a fairly long break in football terms?

Did what Rodgers have to say have any substance, especially in regards to the often maligned transfer committee?

Rob, Ian, Andy and Paul discuss the potential impact that Alexis Sanchez might have had in a Liverpool shirt had he completed his expected move to Anfield, and at the other end of the scale, with Delle Ali now shining at Spurs with the Red’s having seemingly dropped the ball, is it reasonable to expect our transfer committee do more to back the manager of Liverpool Football Club, whoever he is?

And in a sliding doors, what if, moment, the lads discuss THAT Chelsea game, and debate who, ultimately was to blame.

Below is a free clip from todays show of Andy talking about the Chelsea game and how its been judged harshly in retrospect.

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