ROB GUTMANN is joined by Craig Rimmer, Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons to discuss the fallout from Liverpool’s 3-3 draw with Arsenal. This season finds itself at a crossroads in a crossroads, halfway through the Arsenal/United double header. The Reds have questions all over the place.

Where now for the LFC season? What to do with Simon Mignolet and how can Roberto Firmino build on this?

More? You got it. Is 442 the tactical way forward? What will Jurgen Klopp’s ambitions for the LFC season be now?

Rob leads Craig, Neil and John through the pathways and they work out what we can and can achieve. Perhaps…

In a free clip from the show, John Gibbons talks about what we know so far about a Jürgen Klopp Liverpool side and what it’s good at.

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