IT’S the first Tuesday Review of the year and joining Neil Atkinson and Sean Rogers is Ian Salmon as the three discuss Liverpool’s very disappointing result against West Ham United. They look at what worked and what didn’t for Liverpool and discuss Jurgen Klopp’s anger at the performance.

Discussed over the hour:

What was the manager thinking of doing with his selection and set up, was lack of options a factor?

To the naked eye it looked like the formation had been tweaked again, with Firmino a little deeper than usual, certainly more 4231 than 442?

Couldn’t seem to get any real grip on the tempo in the middle, both Milner and especially Henderson missing, surely on paper Liverpool should have been strong enough anyway?

In the cold light of day still a devastating result, reflected in the manager comments, he wants emotional football and was certainly angry himself post-match.

Liverpool throwing in 32 crosses over the 90 minutes and not one of them even threatening to be dangerous and only 2 hitting their intended target.

The 15 attempts at goal from outside the area, surely not in the plan?

West Ham having a plan and executing it well, targeting specific areas and player and dominating us aerially and Liverpool struggled to find any answers, even more so after conceding the lead.

The lack of flexibility and cohesion a massive problem and not boding well for the immediate future?

Benteke extremely quiet and struggling to link up with any one of his team mates, but having scored two winners in the last three games, is it all on him?

The Tuesday Review – Loads of chickens and even more eggs.

Here is a small preview of this week’s show for non-subscribers below where Sean talks about what J├╝rgen Klopp’s plan for West Ham might have been before it all went horribly wrong:

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