SEAN ROGERS and Neil Atkinson are joined by Ian Salmon to work through the questions Jurgen Klopp is trying to answer. They look at his reasoning and get into some football fundamentals. The boxes versus the rest of the pitch.

In a packed agenda, they ask the Christian Benteke question and the Joe Allen question.

Despite not lighting up the team with his dynamism, Benteke has a respectable scoring record for Liverpool, and in a team that is struggling for goals, why was the Belgian yet again benched?

And Joe Allen, after a couple of positive displays from the Welshman, was leaving him on the bench a necessity to accommodate Lucas to try and dominate the midfield, or could Allen could have provided a bit of a spark for Liverpool?

The trio also have a chat about Liverpool’s seemingly timeless set piece achilles heel and the collective fear and expectation of conceding, does it eventually become a self-fulfilling prophecy in a team paralysed with fear whenever the ball is dead?

How difficult is it to analyse a defeat objectively when, in all fairness, Liverpool were, for the most part, actually the better team?

And when the deficiencies are so evident but solution lacking, can a manager only do so much?

In a free clip of this week’s Tuesday Review, Sean, Neil and Ian talk through the goal Liverpool conceded, what went wrong and what Liverpool might have done better.

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