It’s as cold as ice. What is Rewired willing to sacrifice?

Not much as it turns out. But Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan are willing to give their recommendatons, their hot takes and their guide to what is on in Liverpool.

You want more? Liverpool’s best streets get a shout out as does selfishness. Rewired. 2016. It is serious.

(It isn’t serious).

Here’s what’s happening:

Oh Me Oh My
Thursday 21st January.
Silent Sleep acoustic.

The Caledonia
Thursday 21st January
The Ragamuffins album launch
Over on the Shipping Forecast.

Nordic Church
Thom Morecroft EP launch.
Wed 27th January.
Take your own booze.

Friday 29th January
OVVLS launch show.
Steph from Trip Hazard.
£6 in or £9 with a vinyl.

Arts Club

Louis Berry
Saturday 23rd January
Sold Out.

Lindi Ortega
Friday 29th January

02 Academy

22nd January.

Nothing on at The Kaz. Because they  closed it down.