TEIXEIRA, Teixeira, Teixeira! Gutmann, Gutmann, Gutmann!

The Gutter is here and Gutmann is in his element.

Liverpool could be on the verge of their record signing and who better to be excited than The Anfield Wrap. Steve Graves, Andy Heaton and Phil Blundell are all in with Rob and talking about what Shakhtar are about and if the deal can be done.

Their manager Mircea Lucescu has spoken in a manner that suggests a deal can be done and now the man himself has pushed that even further as we know thanks to Anfield HQ.

What is Teixeira worth? Who is driving the deal? What is the asking price?

They also have a conversation about the sort of player he is and what he could do for the Reds. It’s everything you need on Teixeira.

Talk too of Jürgen Klopp heading back to Germany to pull Matip here early. Why would he do that? Steve Graves has an idea.

Ter Stegen won’t go away as a link either and could Klopp use his German contacts to pull that together? His situation is very strange.

Teixeira though is the biggest show in town. He’s the massive first-team noise. He’s 22 in 15 this season. And we can all be excited.

In a free clip from the show the panel talk about the origins of the Teixeira rumour, and where they see it going.

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