IN the latest edition of  ‘Ban This Filth’ your host Neil Atkinson struggles to referee a furious three-way between James McKenna, Gareth Roberts and Andrew Heaton as three of Liverpool’s biggest narks face off in a battle of who moans wins.

Can order be kept and lids kept just below boiling point as the terrible trio argue the toss on three predetermined subjects.

On the charge sheet this edition –

Worst Liverpool left-back?

With a massive sample to pick from with a roll of dishonour longer than any other position in Liverpool history, who do the three go for and which two make the public vote?

Worst commentator?

Let’s face it, they’re mostly all crap aren’t they? But who are the three worst to have tainted the airwaves over the years and made you lash your remote at the TV?

Which three chumps get the no-mark nominations in the motormouth misery marathon?

Worst outfield Liverpool kit?

It’s obviously a Warrior one isn’t it? Or is it.

We’ve had a couple of eye-bleeding corkers over the years, but which three make off the shelf and into the bargain bin of shame.

Three absolute corking nominations that have been wiped from the memory banks brought back in inglorious Technicolor and hung out to dry for public vote.

Expect hashtags and fireworks as three stubborn angry men argue their cases to forever wipe their nominations for worst left-back, kit and commentator from the face of the planet on ‘Ban This Filth’.

In a free clip of the show, Andy Heaton argues his case for worst ever Liverpool outfield kit.

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