NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Sean Rogers and this time Ian Salmon to sit in for Paul Cope and talk about Liverpool’s draw against West Brom.

But in talking about West Brom you have to talk about Sion and the selection. Also, what difference did Jordan Henderson make and how do we fix our set piece problem?

Did Liverpool get it wrong taking such a strong squad over to Switzerland or are we overblowing the importance and effect of a mid-week euro, is it a learning curve for the management team or the squad? Is it primarily a physical or mental issue?

Did the directness of West Brom catch Liverpool by surprise, and if so, why? Should we not have been prepared for it?

Is it interesting that the manager has mentioned that he’s surprised by the fixture congestion in the UK but is yet to seemingly adapt, is he trying to have his cake and eat it?

Benteke and Firmino still struggling to strike up any kind of partnership, obviously something that can be worked on but a worry nonetheless?

Henderson coming back, a positive but another change of shape?

Emre Can came in and did ok, but was the lack of Lucas expose the back four more than usual?

And the goalkeeper, oh, the goalkeeper, what can be done to mitigate the on-going issues with the Belgian International?

With Ian Salmon sitting on for Paul Cope, its this week’s ‘The Tuesday Review’.

Pick the bones out of that.