IN THIS MONTHS ‘LONG VIEW’ – Neil Atkinson is joined by Mold Alexandra manager and TAW regular Sean Rogers and his colleague and first team coach, Steve Ando.

In a tight 40 minutes, the trio look at the last few games in which Liverpool’s form has tailed off, or was the previous run of good form a case of a temporary injection of adrenaline brought about by mythical ‘new manager effect’.

Where to results against Chelsea, Manchester City and Southampton a case of ‘Dead Cat Bounce’ or is the current malaise merely a temporary blip to be expected of a side adjusting to life under a new manager?

On the agenda, the lads pore over:

Liverpool’s forward passes, especially from midfield.

– Noticeable that both the accuracy and number of forward passes is lowest against Man City.

– Tackles and especially interceptions is sky high in comparison.

– These interception figures need talking about.

– Number of forward passes high against West Brom in comparison.

– Being able to do this very important for us.

– Feel we are comfortable when giving it away so to speak.

– Recoveries interesting elsewhere but not as prominent in difference…


Ball recoveries home and away and where on the pitch they are.

– Palace and Swansea lack of numbers in middle of the pitch.

– Do other teams already have a plan already to deal with Klopp’s football.

– Is it something we need to look at? Is plan B a myth?


Our attempts and numbers on goal.

– How we noticeably got into the box more against West Brom for attempts.

– Whether, in the comparative tale of the tape on West Brom we were unlucky not to win?

– And yet not so in the struggles against Watford and Newcastle.

– Do we lack cool heads under pressure.