GARETH ROBERTS was joined by Stephen Evans, Rob Gutmann and Adam Smith for this week’s BackPage with a jam-packed agenda.

The lads start off with a chat about Alex Ferguson’s reported comments about Jürgen Klopp, in which he waxed lyrical about the new Liverpool boss and his attitude, knowledge and approach to football and how he deals with the media, with Ferguson claiming that the Liverpool boss has already ‘won over’ the British press.

Is Klopp’s relaxed, almost flippant nonchalance with the press all a calculated act or just a reflection of the manager’s personality?

Next up on the agenda is John Aldridge’s comments about Roberto Firmino, with the former Liverpool striker claiming that the Brazilian is: “Playing as if something is wrong, mentally and physically.”

Is Aldridge right or is he being overly harsh on Liverpool’s forward? Has he gone a bit over the top trying to make a point?

The gang also get on to the subject of ANOTHER Daniel Sturridge injury, with the England forward picking up a hamstring strain that is likely to keep him out for three to four weeks in one of the busiest periods of the season.

Are we now reaching a point where we need to plan for not having him as the focal point of the team, despite him being one of the most talented centre-forwards in the league? Is he worth preserving with?

And how must the player feel? Constantly hitting barriers, turning one corner and finding another? Could his injury record have a long-term effect on Sturridge’s mental state?