AFQ Thursday: Itchy and Dampy?

NEIL ATKINSON, Stephen Evans, John Gibbons, John Gibbons and Mike Girling.

Christmas songs? Boxed

The gents erm, ‘shaving’ regime.

Auf Wiedersehen boxed, pet.

Beatles albums cover shots? Boxed.

Robson & Jerome of Soldier, Soldier. Boxed.

Best Podcast apart from us?

Dentists? Crap

Revision? Crap

Itchy or Dampy?

Jungle Big 5?

Weird Celebrity Crush?

What extra in what movie scene?

Worst ‘secret Santa’?

Worst thing you’ve ever said?

Who would play you in a biopic?

London Hangovers? Massive.

Your the manager, bar the Istanbul final, which one are you in charge of?

Favourite boxer?

Lashed in a cupboard? Boxed.

You’re In Charge For a Day? 4 day weekends!

Peas? Yay or Nay.

Favourite film right this second? YES

Worst drunken purchase?