ANOTHER WEEK, more fascinating texts. What do we have?

My Father And Other Working Class Heroes by Gary Imlach.

A look at grief through chasing a father’s career. Both Imlachs come across as fascinating characters – Gary trying to understand the man who has gone from his life and Stewart the flying winger shunted from club to club.

Let’s ask each other the question – “Where else would you rather be?” And remember how players were treated then.

Following this is Simon Kuper’s classic Football Against The Enemy. Kuper a young man travelling the globe getting insights into where national character does or doesn’t influence football and finding out that “The English are creatures of habit. Tea at five.”

Quite right.

Lastly is the slightly theatrical Heartland by Anthony Cartwright. Set in the West Midlands as England play Argentina in 2002 but splintering full of memories, conversation around BNP/Labour.

Who to guide you through? Neil Atkinson joined by Gerry Donaldson, Anna Walsh and Jon Birchall. Good news for everyone.

Hope you enjoy.