ROB GUTMANN was joined by John Gibbons, Andy Kelly and Glenn Price for this weeks ‘Unwrapped’, with the discussion focussing on the relationship between the Club and the Academy.

Having opened in 1998, the Kirkby facility is yet to consistently produce a supply line of footballers to the senior squad.

Are expectations of never a ending chain of Steven Gerrard’s waiting in the wings way beyond expectation or is one, accomplished player every decade a woeful return?

Another subject discussed is the ever changing ‘philosophy’ of the Academy around recruitment, tactics and goals?

Should the academy be free from the whims of the first team manager, shouldn’t there be a consistent, long-term message and commitment to consistency for the long term benefit of the club?

Does a ‘Scouse Heart’ make a difference or is it a merely a convenient sound bite to keep the natives happy?

This week’s ‘Unwrapped’, we could have danced all night.