NEIL Atkinson, Sean Rogers and Paul Cope are in for this week’s Tuesday Review, and this week, it’s a little different.

What we’ve tried to do is something we rarely do on this show and talk about specific players, their season so far and their season to come. Concerns, how we can make more of them, what has impressed. We know what they do is always inter-related and we will discuss that as we go – who they appear to dovetail well with and so on…

So, in no particular order, we’ve spun the wheel

– Jordon Ibe

* Importance of getting time on the pitch.

* Differences between Rodgers use and Klopp’s.

* Importance of patience around him.

– Dejan Lovren

* Been very up and down so far.

* Cutting the mistakes out.

* A more direct game might help him.

* Passing into midfield though in Sakho’s absence.

– Lucas Leiva

* As per the above – passing into midfield in Sakho’s absence.

* Enjoying himself under Klopp.

* Pushing forward.

– James Milner

* Discussion to be had around miles on the clock and his age a la Rooney? Played a lot of football.

* Is it possible part of the reason he looked as good as he did at times for City was how sparingly they used him?

* Weight of the armband?

– Adam Lallana

* Biggest six months of his career coming up? One that sees if he will be come an elite player or not?

* Time to find out if he carries the piano or plays it?

As we said, something a little different, as ever, let us know what you think?