GARETH ROBERTS was joined by Rob Gutmann, Ian Salmon and Dave Segar for this weeks ‘Backpage’ show.

On the agenda this week:

Jürgen Klopp taking it back to basics, keeping it very simple from the pitch to dealing with the media.

How he communicates his message to the public and the media, and his district, publicly at least, lack of ego.

Is the club and the fan base at risk of building the manager up to soon? Is a ‘Cult Of Klopp’ a good thing?

The gang also chat about Jonathan Wilson’s study visit to Ethiopia and his findings about how people in ‘Ethiopia consume’ their football, who they support and why?

Daniel Sturridge, and Jürgen Klopp’s comments pertaining to the England strikers injury.

Is he slowly becoming lost cause or has the manager thrown down a challenge to the incredible talented centre-forward.

Can we afford to rely on our other options and treat Sturridge as a luxury.

All this and more thrown in the air on this week’s ‘Backpage’.