SILVER-TONGUED TAW podcaster and writer ROB GUTMANN talks about his day job and the thing he’s proudest of

MOST of my adult working life has been spent in the realm of making places for people to eat and drink in. In short, I’ve done bars and restaurants. Mainly in Liverpool, and a few have been quite decent gaffs.


Some have lasted the pace and aged like Helen Mirren, others have been Will-o’-the-wisps – all but forgotten before they arrived. Locals to Merseyside may remember the likes of Alma de Cuba, The Panamerican Club, The Lyceum, Blue Bar & Grill, Negresco and Babycream.

KorovaThey all hold special places in my heart and I associate their rises, and sometimes falls, with stages of my personal life as well as career marker points.

We travelled a lot as a young family and it helped the job. It kept me motivated to want to inflict the things I’d seen abroad on my adopted Liverpool home. I was a Londoner, a long time ago. I’ve lived in Liverpool now for 28 years and I don’t imagine I’ll ever live anywhere else.

We talk of moving. New York. Anywhere in Italy. The Lakes would be a change of pace. Then my 14-year-old lad Danny always pipes up with ‘But what about the match, Dad?’ and order is calmly restored. I’m going nowhere.

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