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10 great Scouse tunes

INSPIRED by Gareth Roberts’ fantastic piece on this site about his love for all things Scouse when it comes to his listening pleasures – dodgy Pop Will Eat single aside – I’ve compiled my own personal top 10 favourite songs from this city. Where a band originally hails from is […]

Boss Mag Gig

Boss Mag Gig

AS I walked up to the Static Gallery on Roscoe Lane, familiarity swirled around me like the warm, midsummer breeze that tickled my face. The public houses of Renshaw Street, some of which had been reacquainted over the course of the early evening, pre-empted the bombed-out church in all its […]


JUSTICE can be delayed but not avoided, the truth hidden but never truly buried, the facts obfuscated but never fully erased. RESPONSIBILITY. It’s the word on everybody’s lips in response to the rioting which spread around the UK last week. Particularly keen on the R word is David Cameron. A […]