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The Hodge Files

Here we are. A labour of love. Well, not love. Most definitely not love. But a labour. This is my friend Ben Johnson’s (@benjanijohnson on Twitter) Hodge File. It isn’t definitive. He only started maintaining it when he realised exactly what we were dealing with when Hodgey opened his mouth. […]


By Karl Coppack A thread on a Liverpool forum recently asked if LFC are becoming hated. The opening post read… “Ahead of today’s game Moyes had been saying that neutrals want Everton to win. Now I know he’s playing games but it got me thinking, I always seem to remember […]


THE football bubble is simple. In it, anything goes. People think and act differently. They take leave of their senses. Common sense goes out of the window. Dignity is forgotten; respect means nothing. Abuse is fine in the bubble. Ditto racism, violence and bigotry. Petty theft? No problem. Bit of […]