Amid all the madness that consumes us in life, Liverpool constantly find a way to bring light to their supporters this week…


RICHARD Lewis died this week.

Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm will remember him for what he was: a comic with an amazing knack for self-deprecation. Someone who could pluck laughs from his own struggle.

This type of tired, slightly angry humour has always been something I can relate to. Scouse wit can often be derived from a starting base of ire followed by the perfect one liner.

For his masterful delivery when Larry dipped his nose into Lewis’s coffee in Season 10 and he bellowed, “What are you, a fuckin’ goose?” see John Gibbons’: “what am I, some blert who doesn’t like breakfast?”

There’s an eternal victory in laughing at yourself. Its window barely opens amid the freezing cold seriousness of this current existence and all its struggle. But through youth and resilience, Liverpool have once again found a way to let light in.

Jürgen Klopp once again found a way to master and showcase Liverpool on the grandest scale possible this week. The Carabao Cup final looks after itself, but a lowly Wednesday night FA Cup fifth round tie also stole the headlines.

The world and that extremely angry fella who sycophantically gazes at Rio Ferdinand on a podcast will shake their fists at the clouds in protest of what defines a young player, and burn with the rage of “it’s all about you”, but that’s mostly because it is. That’s essentially what Klopp and Liverpool have become.

Every football supporter wants to seek romance in their supporting endeavour. Everyone wants to point to purpose. In Klopp, Liverpool are on their eighth or ninth best selling volume of a romantic novel. Somehow, they still find ways to write new versions of the same love story.

Standing in Wembley on Sunday, bellowing out Three Little Birds and remembering a time nine years ago when hoping “every little thing, is gonna be alright” was all we had, we’re back in a similar place.

Things are different. We’ve seen the pinnacle of performance and witnessed something incredibly beautiful, magical under Jürgen. That will remain for the remainder of our lives.

Now, there’s a challenge ahead for Liverpool.

There are logistics and whispers to negotiate before the negotiations. Another rebuild, the biggest, which will be carefully scrutinised. But there’s a season in full swing and a league title to be won, as I’m forever reminded by The Anfield Wrap.

Focus on Nottingham Forest and who can play. Focus on Manchester City next weekend. It’s a lot, this. A full-time role being constantly be on top of Liverpool Football Club matters. But you’ll persevere because the returns are so glorious.

When it’s good, it’s a train of unstoppable emotion. A race to the next chapter. If we’ve learnt anything between the first and last Bob Marley rendition, it’s to stay in this moment and ignore bad-faith actors. They all want the fist pumps and the journey like you couldn’t imagine.

There is enough hope that Liverpool will find a way, whether that be through Michael Edwards or Jayden Danns. Be it to the Premier League trophy or another final day heartbreak. Don’t worry… About a thing.

I scratched around this morning looking for things to write. I ended up watching clips of Lewis’s humour and reminding myself that right now is always enough. There is more than enough pain about. There is sufficient rainfall to soak a desert. Eternal glumness and early nights.

We are entitled to bask in this unbelievable achievement and this remarkable adventure as long as we desire. Somewhere, somehow, find a second to laugh at it all and maybe yourself.

What Liverpool Football Club have done this week is absolutely incredible.


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