With Manchester City’s recent stutter and Arsenal getting results, Liverpool look to be in a genuine title race.


ARE we in a title race?

When I paved the wet and dark pavements, weaving through L4 last Sunday to congregate at Anfield for a 2pm kick-off against Fulham, patience was necessary.

Watching Liverpool regularly can become its own evolution of self. The fabled old stadium can become a living room of sorts. It’s homely. You remember it in the rain, sun, dark and light.

Last Sunday was odd. Nobody wanted a game to break out. Winning by a couple of goals and getting out with a modicum of warmth was the desired outcome.

Instead, there was a fizzling energy to proceedings at full-time. A spring in steps and a question ruminating through groups of Liverpool faithful.

Are we in a title race?

It’s unusual to not know. Arguably, the only time this has happened in recent years was Klopp’s first full season in 2016-17 when, up until Christmas, Liverpool were in what felt like an absolute slugfest with Antonio Conte’s Chelsea and then, suddenly, nothingness from January on.

They can make a fool of you, the vibes. They can lure you into a false sense of grandeur and lead one to believe things which others label fanciful.

Hard then, to know what the current crop are up to really. They have an abundance of gumption. They seem a steely bunch. But what about form and injuries and Crystal Palace away, you say.

The outlier in all of this might once again be Manchester City. If they did the decent thing and pulled away from the pack, leaving nobody in any doubt about number one in the charts, we might all sleep a bit more soundly.

City are doing their weird thing. They’re creating a blockbuster arc from February onward – very possible – but the manager. He is the best about, no shadow, but he’s again become a parody of Pep. He can shadowbox himself into wrangles which manifest in paranoia and unrest.

Arsenal remain perpetually able to claw back from the cliff edge, it seems. Worrying slightly on account of them maybe not yet motoring and possibly being geared for a big New Year push.

One of the things they keep managing to do is perform away. No side has won more away games (17) and accumulated more away points (55) than The Gunners since the start of last season. They go to Villa on Saturday and Liverpool soon after.

The game on the 23rd of December should be a cracker. I cannot wait for it. Two teams with a similar tale of the tape squaring up. It should be a barometer reading for both combatants. It’s likely to be dressed as a potentially huge influence on where the title ends up.

Madness. Not quite 97 and 98 point madness but nonetheless, nobody has yet sang Auld Lang Syne and we’re talking up two teams who aren’t City in this way.

City will come again this season. Arsenal might find a gear and Liverpool might become very serious indeed. All possibilities, no guarantees. Just vibes, endless rizz to it all.

Are we in a title race?

Right now, we absolutely are. It might not be as convincing as seasons gone. It might all come crumbling down on a rainy night in Soho. But taking them at current face value has a value of its own. They’re earning as much grace from us.

You might look foolish, but dance anyway. Remember it keeps you warm.

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