Neil Atkinson gives his thoughts on the latest around Liverpool after the win over Toulouse, bringing feelings of excitement around Anfield…


I WOKE up wanting to write again.

Nice that, really. Refreshing. Writing is hard some of the time and talking is easy most of the time.

But yesterday felt like a bit of a moment in terms of being able to see what these footballers could well be capable of.

That isn’t a conversation about the level of our opponents — Toulouse were full of forward momentum and odd patters, but they aren’t by any stretch of the imagination one of the best 30 teams in Europe.

It was instead about seeing a new team, a mostly young and new team, and being able to be excited about the moment it finds itself in. It was a game without peril, but a game full of possibilities.

So many compelling footballers in Darwin Nunez, Ryan Gravenberch and Diogo Jota. So many compelling stories in Harvey Elliott, Wataru Endo and Joel Matip. So much greatness in Mo Salah and Trent Alexander Arnold, freshness in Luke Chambers and Calum Scanlon and Curtis Jones, with the potential constantly of being absolutely all of the above.

Getting all of that, allied with the comfortable win against Everton, makes the rest of the season suddenly feel like a book I’d like to read in one sitting. It makes me want to flick to the end, to binge the boxset on Netflix, to read the spoilers and the inside story of the shoot. It makes me want to submerge in it.

Thankfully, that can be a bit my job. I can’t make the time tick faster for me or you, but here at The Anfield Wrap we can make the time feel faster for you, give you something to submerge in.

The talking is what we do, what we have an abundance of. I woke up on a Friday knowing all the shows will be put together for you through the day from the first until the last. Woke up wanting you to subscribe if you can; through the app, or through the website, or through Patreon.

Yesterday was a lovely day for feeling the collective journey and the collective escape, and for sharing it and it is from here, from this moment it is possible to share it, and god we’re lucky to have that, to have the trivial grab us and to be able to wallow in it.

Come and join us if you can. Look, we can’t flick to the end and we can’t binge the boxset. It’ll come when it is ready and you know what? Firstly, we’re good at waiting you and I. And secondly, what comes next will be marvellous.

All my love.

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