Josh Sexton’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge…



Genuinely the best way to sum up the mood watching the game there, be surprised if anybody felt like we were winning that at any point.

The Reds are giving us nothing right now, and Twitter has been so toxic in response to these ratings all season, so I’m inclined to give everybody who played tonight the same nothingness in return.

If you aren’t just here to argue about numbers, feel free to read on…


The only player I have genuine belief will give us exactly what we’re after for 90 minutes. Thought he was going to have the hardest lines with what’s a good save against Kai Havertz, but the Union Of Bald Men From Greater Manchester came through for us at least once there.


Sort of does fine, I thought? Don’t know really cause he doesn’t do much wrong, but then I’d have liked The Reds to not have been quite so tentative against an opponent that only grew from what little confidence they started the game with when they saw how shot we were.


An absolutely wild showing, to be honest. I’m very sentimental when it comes to the lads who’ve given us everything, but the more I see him play the more I just think he can’t give us anywhere near what we need anymore. Thanks for the mazies, Joel x


Looked shakier by virtue of his partner, but then there is a deep recess in my mind that remembers him and Virgil van Dijk being like the burglars in Home Alone against Bournemouth.


Don’t remember him doing a great deal of meaningful things, besides his corner that felt like it hit a man before the first man. N’Golo Kante just stood not even defending the corner and suddenly the ball arrived at his feet. Wild.


Was trying hard to get The Reds playing, but absolutely nothing he did was coming off or even finding a man for that matter. Some of his passes were the kind that would’ve found a man in a dangerous area when Liverpool had even a shred of confidence, but they’re so devoid at the moment that both him and whoever the intended recipient is end up second guessing what they’re both trying to achieve.


Did well to leave it that long to get booked. Felt like one of those games where most of his involvements were either fouling or being fouled, which again doesn’t say much for what Chelsea threw at us.


Thought he was tidy but absolutely unspectacular, but I’d probably be happy with that performance if I hadn’t had a sniff for months and wasn’t even in the squad at the weekend.


Just looks like a lad who is trying his best but has completely forgotten how to score goals. Does anybody know what a Diogo Jota goal looks like right now? He definitely doesn’t. Not against playing him through it, though, to be honest.


If Jones was tidy but unspectacular, Bobby has pretty consistently been the opposite this season. All the flicks and tricks but not a great deal of substance in recent times, besides maybe one or two through balls that fall into the Henderson no-confidence-no-conclusion camp.


By a mile our biggest threat and looks like he will make something happen every time he gets in behind, even if it didn’t come to anything tonight. Should be the first name on the teamsheet, because he’s about the only thing besides Alisson that I’d imagine our opponents have to plan for these days. Just let the rest punch themselves out.


We brought all the lads on that I’d have brought on, and probably in the order I’d have brought them on too, but even then it just felt like we got a little less threatening with each change.

Twas ever thus, though. This is 2022-2023, after all.

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