David Segar’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Wolves 3 Liverpool 0 in the Premier League at Molineux…


THE alarm clock ticks over to 6am… “Then put your little hand in mine…”

Not that long ago, Liverpool were beating teams based almost entirely on their aura of invincibility. These days, they feel like they start games 2-0 down due to their aura of complete and utter vincibility.

So as not to have to force us to use our imaginations, they decided to actually go 2-0 down early on today. Cheers lads.

Everton’s win against Arsenal put Wolves in the relegation zone before kick off, and yet Julen Lopetegui’s men played like they fancied their chances of catching Arsenal let alone The Blues.

Liverpool played like they would rather be doing anything else. Same, to be honest.

Here’s some ratings for some reason.

Alisson: 7

Seems mad in a game in which he conceded three to give him that much but he made four saves, had little chance of saving any of the goals and did about as much as could be expected playing behind a backline that had little to no interest in helping him out. Really wanted him to go on a run in the 88th minute when he threatened to do so.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: 5

Whatever people think of his defending, his world-class ability to kick a ball wherever he wants seems to have disappeared as well. Every shot is over the bar before he’s even hit it, while even his crossing is currently mostly without pace, aim or purpose. Did improve his passing in the second half, to be fair, and produced a brilliant ball for Nunez for his one-v-one.

Joel Matip: 4

Unlucky for the deflection for Wolves’ first but inexplicable that he allowed Hwang to have it in the first place. Almost gifts them a third when he lets Nunes get in on goal. Looks an absolute shadow of himself when not playing next to Van Dijk, who cannot come back soon enough.

Joe Gomez: 3

Not to be outdone by Joel on the stupid errors stakes, handed Wolves their second by heading the ball away from his own goalkeeper and straight to the nearest opposition player. His sloppy ball to Bajcetic set up the counter for the third as well. Can probably count the number of good games he’s had at centre back this season on one finger.

Andy Robertson: 5

Determined words start to become empty really quickly when you don’t back them up with performances. Like Trent, seemed to improve in the second half but spent the first half passing to Wolves players, and his habit of hitting every single cross into the player trying to block the cross probably isn’t going to work any time soon.

Stefan Bajcetic: 7

It was becoming difficult to tell if he was actually playing well or just looked like he was next to his steaming pile of teammates. No doubts today, was probably Liverpool’s best player. Won the ball, kept it well and found red shirts regularly. It’ll never catch on.

Thiago: 6.5

A difficult performance to judge, had good and bad moments on the ball and arguably should have tracked Neves for the third, but was one of two players who seemed determined to turn the tide. He won possession twice as many times as any other Liverpool player, though also seemed determined to foul every Wolves lad.

On a separate note, it’s mad that Paul Tierney has refereed every single Liverpool game since Klopp called him a tit at Spurs last season.

Naby Keita: 5

Endeavour was fine, and seemed to be available all the time (ironically) but his decision-making was way off. Was far too easily forced off the ball by every Wolves player who tried. As for his finishing…

Mo Salah: 5

Seemed to be more determined to come centrally, only to run into a gaggle of defenders every single time. Like Trent, also seems to have lost his eye for shooting, which is a bit of an issue given it is by far and away his most important asset. Should have been calmer when under pressure from Lemina but snatched at his shot instead of letting it roll across him, which sums up just about everything right now.

Cody Gakpo: 5

Was initially relieved to see him on the left but the Dutchman, again, just could not get into it. Looks like he has absolutely no idea how to play with Nunez and Salah yet. Did a fair bit with Robbo second half, but his hopeful crosses into the box looked very easy to defend.

Darwin Nunez: 5.5

It felt like one of those days where it was more the fault of his teammates that he couldn’t get into it. Did well for the first-half effort that Sa pushed away, but really should have put the one in the second half away. My kingdom for one single player who doesn’t turn into custard in front of either goal. Even Craig Dawson produced a finish our best players could only dream of right now.


Jordan Henderson: 5

Didn’t really notice him to be honest, though not helped by the game being extinguished shortly after his arrival. Won the ball back five times though, only one fewer than any other Liverpool player apart from Thiago.

Harvey Elliott: 5

Game was gone by the time he arrived. Showed some nice touches and could consider himself unlucky not to start considering his recent performances, especially the one on this very ground a couple of weeks ago.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: N/A

Part of a trio of late subs I can only assume was the manager getting back at the owners’ apathetic January by adding some needless appearance bonuses. Had a shot.

James Milner: N/A

As above, but didn’t have a shot.

Kostas Tsimikas: N/A

As above, but took a corner I think.

Still, it put Everton back in the relegation zone. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a little cry about something else.

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