While in some cases Liverpool can afford to bide their time around transfers, they had to move quick to secure Luis Diaz from FC Porto…



This is about Luis Diaz. But also about this tweet by Adam Crafton.

Yesterday on The Gutter/TAW Live crossover I mentioned there has been a lot of people annoyed by the language Liverpool are “monitoring” player X. I understand why. It is used a lot. It seems sort of meaningless when the monitoring comes to naught.

The monitoring, though, is part of Liverpool’s array of choice. Their shop isn’t quite the same as Manchester City’s in terms of fees or, upon signing, wages. But in the shop Liverpool shop in they are by far the most significant players. They have one of the top five wage bills in the world. They expect late stages of the Champions League every summer. They get to call the shots. They get to choose.

But while they have a wide amount of choice, they also don’t have the room to make the wrong choice. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is financial. The other is personal. After Liverpool, everything is a step down. Ask Philippe Coutinho. And then there is the manager. He isn’t one to freeze a player out. He’ll work with them.

Buying no one is a choice. Deciding to wait is a choice. But it isn’t one you can make forever.

Knowing what you are about helps make choices. Having a style, a profile, a desired way of playing makes the choice easier.

Which brings us to Luis Diaz; who profiles for all the world like a Liverpool signing and where a set of circumstances has led Liverpool to have an immediate digital decision. Yes or no.

Porto’s revenues are massively impacted by failing to get out of Liverpool’s Champions League group. Tottenham and others are very seriously into Diaz and so suddenly there it is. Yes or no. You have been monitoring but there is no more monitoring for you.

It would appear, at the time of writing, Liverpool are sliding from monitoring into purchasing. And as soon as the biggest dogs in this particular yard are in, it will take some siren song from anyone else to convince a player to ignore The Reds coming up the hill.

Everything you need on The Anfield Wrap as you would expect. We’re all pulling it together now. Stats, ramifications for the squad as is, insight and just having a ball with it. In for all trophies and adding an attacker. The Reds are absolutely drinking this season dry. Enjoy it with us. But please, whatever you do, enjoy it.

These are the days.

This is the time.

Into these, Liverpool.

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