Gareth Roberts is joined by Phil Blundell and John Milburn for our immediate post-match reaction video after Liverpool’s 4-0 win against Wolves in the Premier League…

Lucky season ticket holders with a Liverpool postcode are back at Anfield for the first time since March. The guys reflect on what it was like being there for the occasion and the connection they felt finally getting back in the ground to see the mighty reds!

“It just dawned on me – I’m gonna see Liverpool as Champions for the first time since I was fucking 16… To be able to show to them, how it means to us and for them to hear the supporter – it absolutely surpassed my expectations.”John Milburn

“I had a little moment there when I turned on Oak Field Road and just saw the ground lit up and all that. It felt like when I was a kid – ya know, you get that first glimpse at the stadium… It was really nice to just be in the ground again, you realize what you get from just being in the ground… Even the appreciation of the footballers and what they’re doing – the space that they’re in, the movement, the effort that they’re putting in and all of that – you appreciate it a lot more when you’re in the ground.”Gareth Roberts

“I think I worked out the other day that this is the longest period I haven’t been in the ground since about 1993 or 1994… I’m 33, that’s the first time I’ve seen Liverpool as Champions in the ground.”Phil Blundell

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