NEIL here.

For too long we’ve been having ongoing IT issues that have been affecting your ability to listen and watch our content. In all honesty, these issues have been dragged out by us trying to build the plane and fly the plane at the same time.

With the run in approaching we need them to just stop and the best way to do that is to take everything down for maintenance and get it sorted once and for all. So we will do just that. We will pull the website down until next Monday. This will mean the subscriber feeds and app will stop updating for the next six days.

Let me be clear; for the next six days the new shows will not be available in your usual places. Instead all the usual audio shows will be available on our free channels on AUDIOBOOM website and on SPOTIFY.

All the usual videos will be available on YOUTUBE.

This will be in effect from 2pm today. The shows will still be available and will still be being produced.

We can’t apologise enough for any inconvenience but this is something that needs sorting out. We need to be able to deliver the content to you. We’re stopping being able to get new subscribers for a few days in order to be able to get the content to you.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and your support.

Thanks and take it easy.