LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, November 25, 2017: Liverpoolís manager Jurgen Klopp claps to fans after the FA Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield. (Pic by Lindsey Parnaby/Propaganda)

WANT to see a magic trick? Jürgen Klopp has got a cracker, he can turn three points into one in the blink of an eye.

For the second time in five days, Liverpool have contrived once again to throw a victory away with the finish line in sight and no doubt the manger will once again claim he doesn’t care and that goals conceded are the ones you can’t change and aren’t worth talking about. To be honest though, I’m getting more than a little fed up with The Reds ruining an evening in all too familiar fashion.

To throw away one victory in the last 10 minutes in a week may be regarded as misfortune, to do it twice in the space of five days isn’t carelessness, it’s negligent, and don’t dare have the front to imply it isn’t a deep-seated issue.

I get that managers have to defend their players but one mistake that Klopp shouldn’t make, that many have before, is to try to kid the fans.

This squad, for whatever reason simply doesn’t have the wherewithal to cope with the pressure of what being accountable for a red shirt brings, the lack of care on the ball in both the equalisers conceded this week is criminal with the lack of anyone willing to take responsibility being the prime suspect.

It’s not that this team lacks ability, far from it, they just lack leadership and a spine worthy of note.


I’d get so far as to say I’d fancy us far more going into the last 10 minutes needing a goal as opposed to trying to protect one.

For all the ability the side has, and it has plenty, where is the spine?

We’ve two goalkeepers who no one trusts, not a sniff of a partnership at centre back and no real leadership in midfield.

And this leads to the most frustrating thing of all, we’re still on the fringes despite the flaws being so obvious.

But how long can we limp on with a goalie who gets lobbed from the most limp of angles — and on that, check his starting position — and a captain whose lack of care on the ball has directly lead to equalising goals in the week?

The problems this side has are eminently fixable and the solution doesn’t necessitate throwing the baby out with the bath water. Jordan Henderson is a more than capable member of the squad but needs freeing for the burden of captaincy and quickly.

We’ve got five weeks before the transfer window opens and everything is, just, still on the table, but, whether we get to January still intact or not, let’s not allow the chance to fix obvious issues pass us by.

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