LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, October 22, 2017: Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool manager) Dejan Lovren (L) during the FA Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by Paul Marriott/Propaganda)

THE only surprising thing about Liverpool conceding comical goals is that people are still surprised.

The manager can bang on all he wants about defending as a team and opportunities to defend situations before they hit the back four but sometimes bad defending is exactly that, and when Liverpool repeat the same mistakes over and over, and it’s the same culprits week in, week out, when does the finger get pointed at the manager who picks them week in, week out?

Liverpool had an entire summer to right the wrongs in defence and in goal and that they haven’t been addressed is negligent.

To think that Simon Mignolet could retain the form of the last three months of last season despite three seasons’ of evidence that he clearly isn’t good enough was fanciful to say the least.

All that is good about this Liverpool side, and there is plenty, is constantly undermined by the shambles that is the defence, you could have the most well-drilled unit in European football but it counts for fuck all when you are ruing individual mistakes week in, week out.

Imagine playing in this Liverpool side knowing that you’ve more than likely got to score at least three goals to have a chance of victory? Imagine the pressure that puts on the forwards? At what point does that start to have a negative effect I’d love to know if fingers are pointed behind closed doors, but given how passive these players can be on the pitch you wonder whether the reaction is anything more than a shrug of the shoulders.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, October 22, 2017: Dejected James Milner (L) gets the ball from the back of the net after the fourth Spurs goal during the FA Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by Paul Marriott/Propaganda)

Compare the amount goals Liverpool concede as a result of great football versus the the self inflicted, very few of the goals The Reds concede are due to how they set up or good football from the opposition.

The lack of conviction and leadership in Liverpool’s defending is unforgivable, they’ve got a goalkeeper who is more concerned with not getting hurt than he is with keeping the ball out of the net, they’ve got one (arguably) decent centre half at the club and their best performing defender so far this season was held up as a joke figure before this summer.

The point at which Liverpool’s cowardice at the back can be excused has now long passed and the excuses worn thin, and that it hasn’t been addressed needs to be put at whoever is responsible for recruitment at the club — whether it be Jürgen Klopp or wonderboy and his spreadsheet.

For all the bravery in attack and tub thumping from the manager, there are too many at the club who don’t have the backbone to play for Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool’s spineless defence needs a total overhaul, no excuses and no bullshit about lack of options.

Assuming they’ve downloaded the latest Football Manager database update, January cannot come quick enough.

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