NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, ENGLAND - Sunday, October 1, 2017: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge sits on the ground dejected during the FA Premier League match between Newcastle United and Liverpool at St. James' Park. (Pic by Paul Greenwood/Propaganda)

THE Reds have got us on repeat at the moment.

It’s hard to keep repeating the same criticisms over again but when the same problems are happening week in, week out, it’s hard to see it any other way.

Anyway, here’s how Anfield Wrap contributors saw it…

Pre Match

Josh Sexton: Yes Studge

Paul Senior: More 4-2-3-1 that

Dan Morgan: What time we all having for Shelvey’s red?

Josh Sexton: Reckon he calls Klopp a grass?

Johnny Milburn: Into these Reds — a clean sheet win would be incredible

Dan Vincent: It’s going to be a long afternoon for Yedlin and Manquillo. Sturridge to take the net off early doors

Ste Evans: Like that team. Think Can and Bobby have been poor recently right move to drop them out.

Ian Ryan: Fancy Gini to score his first away goal since his last one for Feyenoord under 11s.

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, ENGLAND - Sunday, October 1, 2017: Liverpool's Georginio Wijnaldum and Daniel Sturridge arrive at the stadium before the FA Premier League match between Newcastle United and Liverpool at St. James' Park. (Pic by Paul Greenwood/Propaganda)

First Half

Phil Blundell: If they attack like that and expose themselves we’ll kill them

Johnny Milburn: Wild — amazing ball to Mane then to spurn the chance is so distressing

Ste Evans: What a ball that is from Salah.

Dan Vincent: Incredible pass that.

Phil Blundell: There’s space for us here

Serious space

Johnny Milburn: Gomez a bit wasteful in possession

Ian Ryan: Worked that Sturridge chance really well there hard lines, Reds.

Phil Blundell: OMG how?

Ian Ryan: How the fuck have we not bagged there.

Ste Evans: Fuck sake how’ve we not burst the net there

Phil Blundell: I don’t even think anyone did anything wrong haha

Matip was clever

Josh Sexton: What has just happened there

Ste Evans: Terrible ball Gini. Coutinho in oceans of space there

Dan Vincent: Should be two up already. Becoming a similar scenario every week at the moment.

Phil Blundell: Need more Coutinho in the middle

(Coutinho scores)

Johnny Milburn: Oooooof

Phil Blundell: See

Ste Evans: Oh my word. Get the fuck in.

Ian Ryan: Jesus Christ that’s special even by Phil’s standards

Johnny Milburn: He has scored that goal about a dozen times before and no one seems to be able to stop it

Phil Blundell: Surely putting him on his left is a good start?

Dan Vincent: Best player in the Prem. Not arsed.

Josh Sexton: Imagine thinking we should cash in on him at any point in summer

Ian Ryan: He’s putting more ££££ on his value as each week passes.

Dan Vincent: That’s why anyone wanting him sold in the summer is the fucking devil. He could neck my ma and I’d still want him at The Reds.

Paul Senior: His value doesn’t matter when he’s not for sale, Ian.

Ian Ryan: Yep, point is those fuckers won’t be able to afford him the way it’s going.

(Newcastle score)

Johnny Milburn: Eat, sleep, score, concede, repeat

Josh Sexton: Fuck sake

Ste Evans: Haha sound.

Phil Blundell: Gotta laugh there

Ste Evans: He’s offside by the way

Ian Ryan: He’s slow as fuck yet still manages to escape our two CBs

Josh Sexton: Imagine two defenders just letting the ball go through to their onrushing striker, fucking idiots

Phil Blundell: “Defensive woes continue to haunt them,” he’s tackled it on to his leg. That’s not far off being as ridiculous as that beach ball

Josh Sexton: Matip’s unlucky in the end but fucking hell, Reds

Ste Evans: He’s unlucky there

Dan Vincent: Slowest defenders in the history of the game.

Paul Senior: Matip’s shit

Dan Vincent: Absolutely shit. Lovren just as shit. There’s none in world football available that could improve on either though.

Paul Senior: Lovren isn’t just as shit cos he’s ready to run – Matip should step out and intercept 1 goes one stays. Lovren on the turn. Crap

Dan Vincent: The finest of margins mate. They’re both shit.

Phil Blundell: Not really seeing what Lovren and Matip did wrong there you know. Shelvey shouldn’t have that much room there

Josh Sexton: Nobody tracked the runner, he was allowed to just go in between them as the last line of defence

Paul Senior: Look at Shelvey with the ball. He’s square when he should be on the half turn

Either step out and deal with the pass or be ready to run behind. He’s neither

Josh Sexton: Think you can try and blame anybody at the scene of the crime but it’s too easy for them to just split our centre halves

Dan Vincent: Neither one is in touching distance of the forward on the halfway line while their main playmaker is looking up to hit a pass. It’s woeful defending, as usual.

Phil Blundell: Maybe. He did get back in and win the ball though.

Paul Senior: Looks even worse in that replay

Josh Sexton: Seeing praise for Shelvey’s pass, just me that thinks it’s bread and butter for a centre midfielder to do that?

Stu Wright: Rafa has got a bunch of average players incredibly well drilled. Great shape and moving as one. Very compact. Impressive. Interesting to see if they can keep it up. Could need another moment of magic to breakdown if they do.

Ian Ryan: Ridiculously easy. One simple through ball and he’s through one on one with the keeper. CB has to be tighter on the CF ffs

Paul Senior: Look at him.

Josh Sexton: Look where Matip and Lovren are both looking

Phil Blundell: Yeah too square. Shelvey having the time and space to do that also bad. Still annoyed it’s basically a goal scored cause someone won a tackle though.

Dan Morgan: No Firmino is helping Shelvey, which isn’t a dig at Sturridge.

Phil Blundell: How wasn’t that a foul on Lovren at that corner by the way?

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, ENGLAND - Sunday, October 1, 2017: Liverpool's players look dejected after conceding the equalising goal to Newcastle United during the FA Premier League match between Newcastle United and Liverpool at St. James' Park. (Pic by Paul Greenwood/Propaganda) Dejan Lovren, captain Jordan Henderson, Daniel Sturridge

Half Time

Josh Sexton: Hope Coutinho and Klopp volley both those pricks in defence all over the changies

Ian Ryan: Looked a nailed on pen at first look, dragging his shirt off his back

John Gibbons: Don’t feel sorry for yourselves. Win the second half. These are crap

Firmino for Sturrudge. Wish we could bring Trent on

Ian Ryan: Rafa has them compact and fairly well drilled but still fancy us to win this.

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, ENGLAND - Sunday, October 1, 2017: Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez shouts instructions to his team during the FA Premier League match between Newcastle United and Liverpool at St. James' Park. (Pic by Paul Greenwood/Propaganda)

Second Half

Paul Senior: Misses an open goal every fucking week

Phil Blundell: If he isn’t burying that he may as well not be there

Paul Senior: Fuck off

Johnny Milburn: W O W

Paul Senior: And you Sturridge

Shouldn’t have had to

Josh Sexton: Just fuck off

Ian Ryan: Has to score that ffs

Dan Vincent: Both sitters. Ridiculous that.

Phil Blundell: A striker that can’t run has to finish that

Stu Wright: Can we sign Fowler again please?

Johnny Milburn: Mane flicked out there

Paul Senior: Fucking ref there.

Kip of him

Dan Vincent: He’ll get sent here, Gomez.

Ian Ryan: Was thinking the same, could have been booked just before he got the yellow. I’d change it

Ste Evans: Why hasn’t the keeper come to catch that?

Dan Morgan: Both full backs having a mad 10 minutes

Johnny Milburn: Have Newcastle got any of their own songs?

Ste Evans: Need to get Salah and Mane into this more. Not stretched enough.

Dan Vincent: One of the quietest I’ve seen Mane this today.

Phil Blundell: They’re targeting Gomez now. Would be tempted to bring him off just to fuck their plan up

Ian Ryan: Mane’s touch and control has looked well off at times today

Phil Blundell: He’s barely touched it for half an hour Mane

Ste Evans: Sturridge has had a stinker.

Johnny Milburn: A shame he hasn’t taken the opportunity

Josh Sexton: Would love Sturridge to stay onside at some point

Ste Evans: I’m convinced the only way he can be effective now is as a two with someone else to do his running like the west ham away last season.

Josh Sexton: Sturridge game summed up there

Ste Evans: Always takes five touches when two will do.

Johnny Milburn: Oh here he is — fraggle rock

Ian Ryan: If this prick scores it’ll finish me off

Josh Sexton: Matip throwing his weight about for once

Ste Evans: Brain dead Moreno.

Dan Vincent: It’s a fucking poor result if we don’t grab a late one here.

Dan Morgan: Not done enough to force the result here. These are absolutely shite and are allowed to play the game on their terms

Ian Ryan: Let’s have it right as well these are pretty bang average, organised but very little else. Poor from us again tbh.

Phil Blundell: Has to score there

Ste Evans: He’s gotta score there.

Phil Blundell: That was a simple header

Johnny Milburn: He arrived late in his defence

But he looks a mile off being ready for this team

Ste Evans: Miles away.

Dan Vincent: Agreed

Johnny Milburn: *peeks through fingers*

Ian Ryan: Frustrating as fuck these lads

Johnny Milburn: That kick almost never made it to the box then

Ste Evans: Mignolet calling the big lads forward and he can’t even reach the box with it. Fuck off you bluff.

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, ENGLAND - Sunday, October 1, 2017: Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson and Dejan Lovren applaud supporters after the FA Premier League match between Newcastle United and Liverpool at St. James' Park. (Pic by Paul Greenwood/Propaganda)

Full Time

Johnny Milburn: This team always seems inches away from triumph or disaster — there’s no middle ground

It feels like we need more balance in the team but not sure how we get it

Paul Senior: Everybody and everything can fuck off.

Same old story. Boring. Can’t be arsed.

How has this side regressed? You already know the answer.

Ian Ryan: The summer transfer window looks even more of a shambles as each week passes. We look way off in most areas tbh

Dan Vincent: Dog shit. Newcastle away that, they’re woeful. We’re so far off the top sides it’s scary, we’ve just had a full window to address it as well.

Annoying as fuck again today.

Johnny Milburn: It’s infuriating that with our next couple of games not taking three points there will put us under real pressure.

How are we still a point off fourth place?

Dan Vincent: That’s what’s more annoying for me, we win two from today, Burnley and Watford like we should have and we’re sitting comfortably in third, one win off top with Utd and Spurs next. Really in the mix.

Whereas now we’ll be going into those games desperate to win them just to stay within touching distance.

Johnny Milburn: I said last night it’s not unbelievable that we get only one point from next three games and our objectives for the season completely change

I’m a prick, aren’t I?

Dan Vincent: That would be hell considering we lashed one potential trophy away already.

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