MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Tuesday, September 26, 2017: Liverpool's goalkeeper Loris Karius looks dejected as FC Spartak Moscow score the opening goal during the UEFA Champions League Group E match between Spartak Moscow and Liverpool at the Otkrytie Arena. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

ANOTHER story of missed chances for Liverpool in their second Champions League group game.

For all the stick the defence get, and all the praise the attack get, The Reds have missed too many clear-cut chances in recent games.

Anyway, here are Anfield Wrap contributors with talking points from another draw in Europe…

Pre Match

Josh Sexton: Very strong team that, reckon we win 17-0

Phil Blundell: Wanna see the vidiprinter writing

Ian Ryan: If our front four clicks this could be a long night for them.

Josh Sexton: Just had a look at Salah and I reckon we win 19-0 tbh

Dan Vincent: Ultimately these are dog shit so I’m hoping it’s wrapped up comfortably by 60 so we can rest the firm for Sunday.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Tuesday, September 26, 2017: Liverpool players line-up for a team group photograph before the UEFA Champions League Group E match between Spartak Moscow and Liverpool at the Otkrytie Arena/ Back row L-R: goalkeeper Loris Karius, Dejan Lovren, Joel Matip, Roberto Firmino, Emre Can. Front row L-R: Alberto Moreno, captain Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mohamed Salah, Philippe Coutinho Correia, Sadio Mane. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

First Half

Josh Sexton: Bit of a sloppy start this, like there’s too much excitement to get the ball forward

Dan Vincent: Not sure there’s many better one on one with a full back than Mane.

Dan Morgan: We’ve nearly nicked it really high a couple of times already. Coming this

Josh Sexton: Love Bobby getting in natural striker positions

Ian Ryan: Bobby should bag there

(Spartak score)

Josh Sexton: Could have predicted that with the way the wall did nothing about their lads stood in the centre

Fuck sake

Ian Ryan: Sake Reds

Josh Sexton: So close to Karius

Craig Hannan: Karius there

Dan Vincent: Atrocious from Karius. Fucking Weetabix Goalie.

Ian Ryan: Emre really poor in the buildup to that goal. Karius has to do better.

Paul Senior: Fucking hologram needs to fuck off.

Dan Vincent: Our keepers are jarg as fuck. All of them. I’d play Ward based on the fact he hasn’t let me down as much as the others but it’s bonkers we didn’t sign one.

And please nobody tell me there isn’t any better available or I’m putting my phone in the oven.

Craig Hannan: Absolute hologram hands

Stick to the insta, Karius lad

Johnny Milburn: What was Karius doing? Does the ball go through him? Fucking rentaghost.

Josh Sexton: Is Moreno actually good going forward or is he just quick? Don’t reckon anything he does out wide is better than Robertson

Ian Ryan: The system we play can expose the defence but Jesus Christ it’s so easy to get in down the sides against us at times

(Coutinho scores)

Josh Sexton: Fucking get in

Lovely football that

Ian Ryan: Lovely goal that.

Dan Morgan: Nothing daft now

Johnny Milburn: Beautifully worked – good patience

Ian Ryan: These will give us chances no fucking doubt about it.

Dan Morgan: Adamant this crowd are singing you Scouse bastards. Would love it if they are

Ian Ryan: Absolutely have to make situations like that count, five on two at one point.

Paul Senior: I know he probably should score there, but I’ve just had a major twinge there.

Ian Ryan: Think the flag may have gone up but we should be putting them to the sword there.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Tuesday, September 26, 2017: Liverpool's Mohamed Salah looks dejected after drawing 1-1 during the UEFA Champions League Group E match between Spartak Moscow and Liverpool at the Otkrytie Arena. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Second Half

John Gibbons: Can’t cope with Karius lads

Ian Ryan: Old smoke hands

Dan Vincent: He could’ve just stood still and caught that into his stomach.

Josh Sexton: Defo a pen that by the way

That’s like if the ball was another yard away from Vardy on Saturday but Si Mig still cleaned him out

Ian Ryan: Sturridge anyone?

Josh Sexton: Bobby not had a great game again

Ian Ryan: Love Bobby but there’s times when we’re crying out for a slotter in the middle of that front three.

Josh Sexton: Sturridge for Mane

Dan Morgan: These are shattered by the way

Johnny Milburn: Liverpool currently ballsing my coupon up — will I ever learn?

Josh Sexton: What does Gini bring as a sub?

Johnny Milburn: Lovely teeth

Paul Senior: Retention

Josh Sexton: Do you need that chasing a goal against these though?

Paul Senior: Yes. Cos we’ve been shite in possession

Josh Sexton: Moreno going forward is a myth, pass it on

Ian Ryan: His final ball is often wild as fuck

Josh Sexton: He’s just quick, offered nothing else tonight and very rarely does

Dan Morgan: We need to be patient, getting desperate all over the pitch. Be calm and keep moving it

Josh Sexton: Is Bobby shite now?

Ian Ryan: Bobby has to hit the target there

Johnny Milburn: We don’t seem to be pulling them out of shape

Paul Senior: Poor that. Henderson keeping us ticking here

Dan Vincent: He’s doing his best to make my claim that we don’t an out and out CF look like the biggest fraud shout ever.

John Gibbons: Moreno showing his limitations tonight. No guile at all

Paul Senior: Moreno’s done very little wrong.

Josh Sexton: Disagree tbh

Paul Senior: That’s fine Josh.

Ste Evans: I was just thinking he’s been OK to be honest

Josh Sexton: Just think he’s barely offered the overlap he usually does and has hit the first man with most of his deliveries

Paul Senior: But there’s been more questions of front three than him

Josh Sexton: Agree with that

The overlap thing is probably cause of how deep these are but think Robertson would solve the problems that Moreno hasn’t been able to tonight

Phil Blundell: We’ve created little second half

That isn’t on the left back

Paul Senior: Should be about 15 left here

Dan Morgan: Has the front three/four not got an argument that a clean sheet wins us the game? I’m sure they all take it on the chin as a team but there’s arguments at both ends of the pitch

Paul Senior: Can’t bank on that. These should’ve scored more than once

Johnny Milburn: Funny how their second goalie looks like a worldie

John Gibbons: Funny how they can just drag a lad out of the crowd better than our lads

Josh Sexton: Omg Sturridge

Ian Ryan: Looked a sitter

Josh Sexton: Reckon any amount of added time we get here isn’t good enough

Fucking killing me this

John Gibbons: Hendo masterclass last 10

Josh Sexton: Never known us to miss so many clear cut chances

Dan Morgan: Selikhov MOM

Ian Ryan: Great reaction save but a yard either side there

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Tuesday, September 26, 2017: Liverpool's Mohamed Salah sees his header saved during the UEFA Champions League Group E match between Spartak Moscow and Liverpool at the Otkrytie Arena. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Full Time

Paul Senior: Sake reds

Josh Sexton: Fuck off

Not you Paul

Paul Senior: We done enough to win that there, can talk all about the keeper and defence, some guilt edge chances there to win the game, and we haven’t taken them.

Firmino poor. Can poor. Keeper poor.

Jordan Henderson and Lovren excellent.

Josh Sexton: Agree with that. Henderson has his second commanding performance in a row. Whether people think he should be captain or not the lad leaves nothing behind.

John Gibbons: The keeper is crap. It’s not even a mistake. He’s just not good enough to save it

Johnny Milburn: He looks like someone who’s been a asked to go in during five a side for his turn.

John Gibbons: Aside from picking that divvy I feel for Klopp though. He picks all his creative players and they are wasteful. So he puts his nine on and he misses the easiest one of the lot

Phil Blundell: Can’t be arsed with Can

That’s four points he’s done there

Brain dead

Craig Hannan: I can’t work Can out.

And we’ve had him three years

Dan Morgan: More than good enough to win at Sevilla, rest of them at home will take care of themselves

Johnny Milburn: That’s true Dan but the margin for error is evaporating

Ian Ryan: Concede a really poor goal but nowhere near ruthless enough again tonight.

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