A THIRD disappointing result in a week for Liverpool as they were held to a draw by Burnley at Anfield.

Questions will once again be asked of the defence in the buildup to The Clarets’ goal and Jürgen Klopp may have some questions to answer around the timing of his substitutions.

Here are contributors to The Anfield Wrap with their views on the game as it happened.

Pre Match

Neil Atkinson: Could be a diamond that.

Coutinho and Sturridge he is seeing as pair.

John Gibbons: Ooh la la

Ste Evans: Like it. 6-1 to The Reds.

Neil Atkinson: More than a bit of sauce about that.

Ste Evans: Glad to see Robertson back in. Klavan not so much. Couldn’t not drop Lovren after Wednesday.


Kick Off

Neil Atkinson: Size of Chris Wood.

Johnny Milburn: Even though Burnley’s line is relatively high we haven’t given Salah the chance to run in behind — we’re targeting the left

How many times has a poor ball gone further than you’d expect? These are here for the taking

Ian Ryan: Keep probing Reds, it’ll come soon.

Phil Blundell: Good start. Need to work them round the pitch more. Well organised but lack quality.

Ian Ryan: Coutinho wants it bad, just needs to relax, play his normal game.

Phil Blundell: Need to be on their keeper here

14 seconds every time

Neil Atkinson: Important crowd and players stay on the time wasting thing.

Ian Ryan: Tremendous by Robertson there, great challenge

(Burnley goal)

Ian Ryan: Ffs Reds

Phil Blundell: Win them all in the air for god sake

Not hard is it

Ste Evans: Outrageous how poor we are for that.

Josh Sexton: Every time we concede it looks too easy, sort it out Reds

Phil Blundell: One shot one goal. Every week

Ian Ryan: Not even surprising though and that’s the issue

Paul Senior: Becoming unacceptable this defending

Gareth Roberts: Any chance of jumping and trying to win a header and that?

Johnny Milburn: Two mins pressure and we concede — too many 10 bob heads in the back

Paul Senior: Mountain to climb now

Dan Vincent: Complete horse shit defending again. There’s no way Wood even touches that, both Matip and Klavan like a pair of floundering fannies again and who the fuck is tracking the run of Arfield? This defending is laughable but it’s sound as there’s nobody that can improve it so I guess we’re stuck with it.

(Salah scores)

Phil Blundell: Brilliant that


Ian Ryan: Needed that quick response

Josh Sexton: Is right Mo

Ian Ryan: Outstanding from Mo

Paul Senior: Unlucky you pie cunts

Gareth Roberts: “In your Liverpool slums”. Fuck off you scruffy Dingle cunts.

Johnny Milburn: His decision making there was exactly what was lacking against City last week — well in Mo

Dan Vincent: He nets 20 plus this season, Salah.

Phil Blundell: In our Lancashire home to be fair Robbo

Neil Atkinson: Tom Heaton saves that.

Ian Ryan: Almost kecks off there, hard lines Reds

Josh Sexton: This is what we need, bit of energy in the stands and on the pitch

Neil Atkinson: Sturridge been excellent but looks like one he should score.

Johnny Milburn: Upper main on their feet celebrating a goal then

Phil Blundell: Fella just called the ref a jellyfish

What a line

John Gibbons: Boss that

Josh Sexton: Just realised he looks a bit like Squidward

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 16, 2017:Liverpool’s Emre Can reacts with Burnley’s Jack Cork during the FA Premier League match between Liverpool and Burnley at Anfield. (Pic by Peter Powell/Propaganda)

Half Time

Josh Sexton: Some fella made confetti out of his mosaic card for when we scored, confetti on The Kop feels very modern football


Josh Sexton: The stewards in front of the tills on the concourse are like the fifth officials in European games

Paul Senior: Opposition have scored six of their last seven shots

Shows, we don’t concede tons of chances, but when we do they are often punished/punishable

Ste Evans: That’s fucking ridiculous.

Ian Ryan: We look fragile as fuck anytime a ball comes into the box

Phil Blundell: We’re dead good at keeping it out the box but when we don’t it’s like a bomb scare. Just lads with no idea what to do panicking and running in every direction

Ian Ryan: Spot on, once it’s in the box, anything and everything looks possible. No one ever looking to take charge, no one ever thinking the worst

Johnny Milburn: Weren’t five of them city though?

Paul Senior: No

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 16, 2017: Burnley’s Scott Arfield (R) celebrates scoring the opening goal during the FA Premier League match between Liverpool and Burnley at Anfield. (Pic by Peter Powell/Propaganda)

Second Half

Josh Sexton: Phil’s footwork 🍆

Paul Senior: He’s a prick though

Josh Sexton: Dunno why refs bother acting like they’ll add time on for time wasting

Johnny Milburn: I think he did in first half — three mins?

John Gibbons: Sort a goal out lads

Josh Sexton: Alright Johnny we’re all Reds here

Johnny Milburn: Phil will score in the next 10 I reckon

Paul Senior: Source?

Neil Atkinson: We’ve got to not spend half an hour having shots from 20 yards.

Robertson effort there being the dark side of all that.

But we do have them ragged again. The introduction of Barnes. He’s horrific. I love him.

Paul Senior: Caused us bother last year.

They’ve got Walters on the bench btw

Ian Ryan: I’d make the change now with 30 to go

Paul Senior: Get Milner off

Ian Ryan: That’s the one

John Gibbons: Sort it out lads

Josh Sexton: That’s nearly one of the goals of the season

Paul Senior: Could maybe move Milner to RB and go Gini for Trent

Neil Atkinson: We are playing well here.

Paul Senior: Maybe Solanke here yanno

Johnny Milburn: Them scruffy pricks keeping the ball

Paul Senior: Hard to let go of it with so many fingers

Ste Evans: Crying out for fresh legs here.

Ian Ryan: Size of Matip, yet he gets bullied far too often.

Dan Vincent: He hates subs, Klopp.

Ian Ryan: I’d make two here right now.

Paul Senior: Ox and Solanke

Dan Vincent: ☝☝ what that guy said.

Paul Senior: Coutinho shitting out there

They’ve fucked up here

Johnny Milburn: Poor from Klavan but our crowd are a gang of cunts

Ian Ryan: No talking again, never see any fucker talking to each other

Paul Senior: Appalling

Dan Vincent: Just checked the Man City score as well. That made me feel better 😐. Grab one here Reds for fucks sake!

Josh Sexton: No idea what happened there

Johnny Milburn: Save that tbf

John Gibbons: Can someone sort this please???

Phil Blundell: This keeper messing?

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 16, 2017:Liverpool’s Dominic Solanke (R) hits his shot onto the crossbar during the FA Premier League match between Liverpool and Burnley at Anfield. (Pic by Peter Powell/Propaganda)

Full Time

Josh Sexton: Shite week

Phil Blundell: ‘Minimum four minutes’ bellend

Josh Sexton: Sturridge giving a lad his shirt there at the end, seems sound for a supposed bellend

John Gibbons: Gonna get bang into fishing

Craig Hannan: His subs baffle me. Why’s he bringing on Solanke and sticking him on the left?

Josh Sexton: Chamberlain been given little time to impress being brought on in bad situations, want to see him get at least 30 in a game like that. Solanke was full of ideas when he came on but once again it was too late.

Dan Vincent: They’re shite. Fucking Burnley, at Anfield.

Be arsed listening to Klopp later telling me how it was unlucky and we had a million shots to their -5 shots. Heard it all before fella. Same old shit, different day.

Plus I’m not bothered about how many shots the oppo have, they fucking go in every time. Another ridiculously bad goal to give away that and his subs are pure vermin.

Gibbo I’ll go fishing with you.

Ian Ryan: Loads of the same weaknesses remain unfortunately, not fixed enough of the issues over the summer. Lets get the rods out.

Ste Evans: Fuming with Emre Can here. Slipped right back into thinking he’s miles better than he is mode.

Josh Sexton: They were all at it, trying to force it with pot shots from outside the area. Would love it if Klavan and Matip had won a header.

One player I think got more stick than deserved today was Mignolet, some shaky moments which were usually a combined effort but he commanded well among their grocks.

Dan Vincent: I still reckon Moreno will get the blame somehow!

Ian Ryan: Loads of time for the manager but feel like I’ve seen that game a million times. Dominated for long parts but couldn’t find a way through whilst giving away another soft one. Subs felt too late again.

Johnny Milburn: Hurts today in a few months might feel like an OK point — easy to see our deficiencies, but their plan worked pretty well — Reds too predictable in both boxes

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