LEICESTER, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 23, 2017: Liverpool's goalkeeper Simon Mignolet celebrates after the 3-2 victory, in which he saved a penalty, during the FA Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool at the King Power Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

ANOTHER win in which Liverpool put you through the wringer but when they do it’s massive.

A really important three points after the way results have gone today and the nature of it should give confidence to a side that have looked like they desperately need it.

Here are Anfield Wrap contributors with talking points after that…

Pre Match

Dan Vincent: That CB pairing gives me the same feelings as when I first watched The Ring.

John Gibbons: Confused and aroused?

Josh Sexton: Seems like he’s done everything to get Lovren back in here, think that says a lot about how confident he is in our options

Ian Ryan: Probably as strong as we can go atm. Into these Reds.

Josh Sexton: Robertson must be wondering what he’s got to do to get in this team

Dan Vincent: I was thinking the same about Phil Babb.

It’s so important we win with everyone else winning today. Don’t wanna start seeing a bigger gap appear.

Phil Blundell: Isn’t that long since people told you how well we did with Lovren and Matip together and now we have people thinking we might go down

Ian Ryan: Even at this early stage eight points would look like a huge gap

Johnny Milburn: Any win today and we’re in fifth

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 23, 2017: Liverpool supporters before the FA Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool at the King Power Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Kick Off

Ian Ryan: Getting in too easy there

John Gibbons: I’m more furious that Mahrez gets first to the rebound despite being about seventh favourite

Ian Ryan: Mo Salah wtf, how’s he missed that?

Craig Hannan: Fs

Johnny Milburn: One day we’ll get the rub of the green

Ian Ryan: Worked the original shot from Emre well.

Dan Vincent: Sitter that.

(Salah scores)

Paul Senior: Yerrrsss

Ian Ryan: What a goal. Brilliantly worked, the ball in is ridiculous and great header from Mo.

Dan Morgan: Will do Phil the world of good that. Reckon he’ll get one here.

Dan Vincent: That combination was glorious in pre season at times.

Ian Ryan: Migs there, giving me a heart attack

Craig Hannan: Phil is putting this top bin

(Coutinho scores)

Josh Sexton: Fucking get in

Ian Ryan: That was sexual. What a fucking strike from Phil.

Phil Blundell: In the moment it left his foot.

Johnny Milburn: Is right — foot on the throat now Reds finish them

I’d love to meet who taught Albie to tackle with his calves

Ian Ryan: Doesn’t ever look like changing that technique, bless him

Phil Blundell: Best opening 30 for absolutely ages that. Complete domination

Dan Morgan: Leicester fans are absolute burnout. Hope we smash them

Mahrez got no interest in tracking Moreno. Loads of joy down there

Ian Ryan: Absolutely essential we make our dominance count here, need a third to kill these.

Ste Evans: Big five needed here. Need to get to half time without conceding.

Johnny Milburn: Was onside there

John Gibbons: Wish these would fuck off

Johnny Milburn: Apparently offside from original FK

Is right

Paul Senior: Matip brain dead

Johnny Milburn: Dive that Paul — clever from Vardy

A phrase you don’t hear much

Dan Morgan: Never a foul that

Josh Sexton: Yer Vardy kicked him

Paul Senior: Always Mignolet’s ball though

Josh Sexton: What a save the Mig

(Leicester score)

Paul Senior: Counts for fuck all when you do that

Josh Sexton: Jammy bastards

Craig Hannan: Fuck off

Josh Sexton: Okazaki was holding Mignolet then

Fuck sake

Johnny Milburn: Henderson slaughtering the linesman

Ian Ryan: Why can’t we just do the fucking basics

Dan Morgan: We are the gift that keeps on giving

Ian Ryan: That’s it. Every team knows that this side will always give you a sniff.

Dan Vincent: Ludicrous goal to give away that. Horse shit from a defensive point of view again. It’s mad we need a three goal cushion in order to feel some form of safety.

Johnny Milburn: I’m not having that having lightning quick one touch counter-attacking and basic defending are mutually exclusive

Time of goal is bad too

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 23, 2017: Liverpool's goalkeeper Simon Mignolet looks dejected after Leicester City score an injury time goal in the first half during the FA Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool at the King Power Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Half Time

Paul Senior: That happens because there’s a fella in the away end wearing a vest. Absolutely unacceptable

Ian Ryan: Paul, ask him to leave

John Gibbons: I think we’re a bit unlucky. Vardy trips himself up and then his mate grabs our keeper

Josh Sexton: With Gibbo here

Positives — Hendo much better here

Johnny Milburn: Hendo listened to CityTalk defo

Paul Senior: Negatives — Centre halves are shite

Josh Sexton: Negatives — Paul’s gonna use Matip getting kicked as a stick to beat him with

Paul Senior: Steady

Johnny Milburn: In Brendan Rodgers to Sterling tone

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 23, 2017: Liverpool's Joel Matip and Leicester City's Jamie Vardy during the FA Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool at the King Power Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Second Half

Ste Evans: Emre Can is a disgrace there.

Johnny Milburn: Too many getting bullied in one on ones

Dan Vincent: It’s turned into yard dog footie this. We have no calming influences anywhere from the middle of the pitch backwards. These are shit, just calm it down for five minutes Reds ffs.

Dan Morgan: What an absolute bellend Anthony Taylor is

Johnny Milburn: Defo got bullied at school

Paul Senior: Seems to referee us far too frequently

Johnny Milburn: Seem panicked here — unable to set the tempo

Josh Sexton: Firmino not having his best game

Paul Senior: Firmino for Sturridge for me here

Dan Vincent: Joel Matip must have the biggest feet in world football.

Paul Senior: Gray on to hit us on the break

John Gibbons: Think we’re doing OK you know. We get accused all the time of not coping with pressure. Doing some good battling here

Ian Ryan: Sturridge coming on

Paul Senior: It’s the right change

Feels like it anyway

I’d do it for a half Klopp yanno

Johnny Milburn: Henderson doing his hard man routine — I don’t mind it I’m just not that convinced — but he’s a big lad I suppose

Ian Ryan: Not like the manager to make a change that early, feels like the right shout.

Johnny Milburn: Would have loved to have seen Mane run at these for 20 when they’re goosed

Paul Senior: Need another here

Johnny Milburn: Matip there

(Henderson scores)

Johnny Milburn: Is right captain

Paul Senior: There it is

Phil Blundell: Phew

Joel Matip there. Incredible

Josh Sexton: Hendo capping off a great game

Johnny Milburn: Salah drew two there

Ian Ryan: Brilliant counter, get the fuck in. Love the coolness of that goal. Several players don’t panic at crucial moments, lovely stuff.

(Leicester score)

Paul Senior: Oh fuck off

Johnny Milburn: Ffs you scruffy cunt

Phil Blundell: Amazing

Ian Ryan: Jesus Christ

Paul Senior: Constant threat that lad I’m afraid

Phil Blundell: Offside too

Josh Sexton: Moreno needs to fuck off turning his back with his hands behind

Johnny Milburn: Offside too ffs Taylor you cunt

John Gibbons: Went the toilet to celebrate. Fucks sake

Paul Senior: Milner imminent

(Leicester penalty)

Paul Senior: Pen

Fuck off

Josh Sexton: Fuck off

Taylor the fucking cunt

Ian Ryan: Kill me now

Josh Sexton: He wins the fucking ball

Johnny Milburn: Blues celebrating in the pub I’m about to throw a table

Ste Evans: Gets the ball.

Fuck off Taylor you cunt.

Johnny Milburn: That pen heat map is mad

(Mignolet saves penalty)

Josh Sexton: Get the fuck in

Is right Si

Ian Ryan: Head’s gone here

Johnny Milburn: Blues shouting handball in the pub

The goalie’s record on pens is decent

Josh Sexton: Moreno is kettling my head here

Fucking brainless

Dan Morgan: Can’t decide if I hate Taylor or Glen Hoddle more

Phil Blundell: He won the call didn’t he?

Josh Sexton: Shit seeing a big lad come on against us

Taylor should never work again you know

Paul Senior: Harry Maguire has the physique of a potato

They keep leaving him one on one btw. Love to see Salah v him

Ian Ryan: Sturridge showed loads of intelligence since he came on

Josh Sexton: He is boss ya know

Johnny Milburn: I’ve left the pub to prevent an incident

Ian Ryan: See this out ffs

John Gibbons: It’s huge if they can I think

I want Klopp in our end with his lad out

Ian Ryan: Scenes

Thank fuck for that. Massive three points.

Stu Wright: Thank fuck

Dan Morgan: In a bit Vards

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 23, 2017: Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson celebrates with manager Jürgen Klopp after the 3-2 victory during the FA Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool at the King Power Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Full Time

Ste Evans: Bout time we turned them pricks over at their gaff. Get in Redmen.

Dan Vincent: Exactly what we needed that!! Get in!

Johnny Milburn: I’m convinced I’ll watch that back and be more impressed with the performance than I was live

Ian Ryan: Gonna kill me these cunts but up the Reds.

Made up for Hendo today, had a tough time recently but did well out there

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