TEAM full of absolute shitbags. Crystal Palace and their fat-head prick of a manager are a load of my arse and we fell for it again. One hundred-odd minutes and probably, maximum, 55 of actual football? And that’s not a criticism of Palace either — you do whatever you can to get the results you need.

Liverpool though? Absolute fucking shambles. Leadership lacking all over. Fuck off.

Simon Mignolet: 6

Faultless — nothing doing for either goal, possibly the only one who is blameless.

Nathaniel Clyne: 5

Once again hitting the first man, every time, all the time. Big fan of just doing the job you’ve been given but when we actually needed something extra nothing was coming.

Dejan Lovren: 4

Again, nothing that you could pinpoint — but that’s mainly due to him and everyone else not wanting to put themselves in the firing line.

Joel Matip: 4

Out of sorts, but hardly the worst — save wasting your time, see above.

James Milner: 4

Sound that he plays in that half space and that, and he’s done so admirably, but far too slow today backwards and forwards.

Lucas Leiva: 5

Maybe a little harsh, but someone you’d point to try to take leadership of a gang of shitbags. He didn’t.

Gini Wijnaldum: 6

Alright, just about alright. Like King Cnut though, railing against the tide.

Emre Can: 6

Far from the worst but way off his best. Maybe a bit of sympathy, he at least showed he wanted to try to influence it — but maybe trying too hard?

Philippe Coutinho: 6

Great, albeit the easiest free kick he’ll ever score in his career given the gap he was granted against a mediocre goalkeeper. Otherwise, back to his pre-April form.

Roberto Firmino: 4

Anonymous as this rating.

Divock Origi: 4

Toiled, but on the wrong side of the Origi shit/boss scale.


Trent Alexander Arnold: N/A

Not enough time to rate anything.

Marko Grujic: N/A 

As above.

Alberto Moreno: 5  

Oldest sub the Liverpool bench today. Boss tha’.

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