Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1: Match Ratings


HARD to know for sure having not seen any replays of anything, but thought we genuinely played really well there.

Such fine margins in games like that, chances missed there that would keep players up at night.

Simon Mignolet: 6

Didn’t really have loads to do. Also didn’t look like he could do anything about the goal from where I was stood.

Nathaniel Clyne: 6.5

Better today than he has been in recent weeks. Linked up well with Sadio Mane on that right hand side and seemed to make loads of interceptions.

Joel Matip: 6.5

Dealt with most things well, seemed to always be the defender with the composure to clear the ball when it dropped in the area. Need to see it again but looked like he could have scored at the back post in the first half.

Ragnar Klavan: 6.5

Two cool heads at the back for the most part. He makes mistakes but not much seems to faze him. Valuable experience.

James Milner: 7

Not sure why he was getting booed by their lot but thought he had a decent game and took his penalty really well — didn’t look for a second like he was going to miss.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Sunday, March 19, 2017: Liverpool's James Milner celebrates scoring the first goal against Manchester City from the penalty spot during the FA Premier League match at the City of Manchester Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Emre Can: 7.5

Really good carrying the ball forward today. Wasn’t sure how he’d cope before the game today considering he wouldn’t have a physical battle to get stuck into. Instead, he threw himself into loads of tackles and overpowered the Manchester City midfield. Well in, lad.

Adam Lallana: 7

Such a hard rating to give. His chance is the moment that changes everything. Heard that he apologised to the players in the dressing room after which has got to be tough. Was very good overall.

Gini Wijnaldum: 7

Not the footballer I thought he’d be in a million years. So good at receiving the ball on the turn and holding off his man. Class again today.

Sadio Mane: 8

Was the outlet going forward as most thought he would be against a City backline billed as being shaky. Pressed so well in the midfield areas too, probably the best defensive performance he’ll put in.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Sunday, March 19, 2017: Liverpool's Sadio Mane is pulled back by Manchester City' David Silva during the FA Premier League match at the City of Manchester Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Roberto Firmino: 6

Wins the penalty and plays some good stuff with his compatriot but just seemed to run out of legs, which is to be expected given he was a doubt before the game.

Philippe Coutinho: 6

Looked brighter today than he has in recent games but still lacking something. Some of it is probably down to confidence and hopefully today laid some good foundations in that respect.


Divock Origi: 5.5

Came on to provide legs and was just too static. Dithered too much on the ball. Must be hard for him to come on as a winger but expected more energy.

Lucas Leiva: n/a

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  1. Can was the player we all hope he will end up being today. Along with Wijnaldum and Lallana, he made an absolute fool of Yaya Toure. At one point he received the ball ane just burst past Toure was shocking ease. That’s what you are Emre.

    Wijnaldum and Lallana were also excellent, regardless of Lallana’s horror miss.

    Clyne, at least in my view, dominated Sane and Sterling was once again ineffective.

  2. JL Robert

    Again, close to my evaluations, to the man.

    Sad with Milner getting boo’ed at the Etihad. But since we gave Michael Owen the same treatment (and still do to this day), why should we be questioning it?

    • Danny Mac

      Because Owen joined one of our greatest historical rivals. We will never be that to City. Booing Milner is like us booing Lucas if he joined another PL team to get more game time.

  3. paul ewart

    Love Mane but his touch was off again today. Tired towards the end, but didn’t they all? Fantastic team performance on the whole. MOTM Gini for me, but Can and Lallana had good games too. Would have given Mignolet more credit too had it not been for that fucking stupid roll out….sad to say that no matter how much he improves in other areas, he’s always got that in him.

  4. Ratings are close Josh.

    For me the most annoying part is seeing an LFC team being tamed by City who just traveled and played four days ago. Shouldn’t it have been them who were tired out the gates? Just glad we managed a point from this game.

    The second half of this season has really exposed Klopp and this team, but credit to the players who did well today, Can, Matip, Clyne, and Milner especially.

    No idea why we play Firmino as a striker, but we all wish the guy wasn’t selfish today, could have allowed Lallana a chance to make up for missing a sitter earlier. And then the cameo from Origi. Don’t get Klopp’s subs and timings seems so predictable.

    Anyways Everton up next. They are playing like their pants are on fire. They are going to punish us for that narrow win at Goodison if we fall asleep at Anfield in the first 10-20 minutes.

    Up the Reds!

  5. Lots of positives. Unbeaten against the top six for the first time in – how long? We rode our luck particularly when the classy De Bruyne was switched out wide but Can, Mane, Lallana and Gini excellent. Mignolet no longer a talking point.

    Shame about the Brazilians. Coutinho needs a goal perhaps more than he has in a long time and is too easily bullied. Also disappointed with Bobby today – two unforgivable (and uncharacteristic) moments of selfishness when shooting near post. Squad desperately needs more depth. JTF96

  6. 5.5 feels very harsh on Origi. Thought he was pretty lively and at least as effective as Phil was in terms of outlet, and keeping the ball moving forwards. Needs to learn to protect it better against good players though!

  7. Coutinho 6 is outrageous, he hasn’t out in a 6/10 for about 4 months,

    • Wasn’t this the entire point Neil made in one of the recent pods? Coutinho either has a 4/10 or above the 7.5/10. He desperately needs to find a way to contribute more to the team when he’s not the best player on the pitch. Cracking little player, but his lack of development in this regard has me a bit worried.

  8. Lallana was a long way from very good. Another poor performance, as is the norm. Only a couple of good performances since returning four months ago. Should be dropped when Henderson returns. Can and Wijnaldum needs to stay as the two, Henderson should take Lallana’s place in front of them. At least until we buy real quality in the summer.

  9. Lee Brooke-Pearce

    Immense effort and watching the 2nd time is every bit the game I couldn’t quite enjoy as much live.

    Think Mane was a 6 and Can getting the 8.5. Mane has to be rated on product – he doesn’t have to perform to ‘be fast’ he just is. There were a couple of times he looked like he was expecting African Nations-like time particularly just after we went 1-0. Would loved his foot on their throat right then because he has the ability to do that on his own (a la Arsenal / Emirates)

  10. Lallana is the heart and soul of the Liverpool press. I cannot remember a player so effective in this regard.

    I only wish we could play against players as cumbersome, lazy and slow as Yaya Toure every week. There was one occasion where Wijnaldum received it, looked up and saw his opponent was Toure and just waltzed past him in such a casual manner. It was embarrassing how slow Toure responded. Can later did the same.

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