TAW contributors with talking points straight from the ground as Liverpool lost 2-0 to Hull City.

Light At The Back

We still need a quality centre half don’t we? Lucas has been great for us over the years but his days as a player in and around the first team are numbered. Klavan is 31 and is never going to be first choice, Gomez is still a kid and all about potential while Lovren, while improved, is still prone to being a dope. And I can’t be arsed with the 45 yard shots. @robbohuyton

KINGSTON-UPON-HULL, ENGLAND - Saturday, February 4, 2017: Liverpool's Lucas Leiva in action against Hull City's Abel Hernandez during the FA Premier League match at the KCOM Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Calamity Keepers

Fucking hell. BUY A KEEPER. An actual keeper. One that dominates the box, that catches and punches. That can kick. That makes people think ‘shit, he’s a keeper, him’. I reckon it’s worth a try you know.

Mignolet’s setting the wall up the other day and can’t hear whistles. Today he’s providing an assist to an absolute dogshit side. Against Wolves Karius has hands made of smoke and decides he’ll just sit off and let a yard dog score in a matter of seconds. It’s fucking infuriating watching it over and again. Keeper’s make mistakes. Yeah. Not as many as ours though. @robbohuyton

Mignolet and Sturridge should be shifted in summer. Bring a goalscorer in who has pace and a keeper in his prime to teach Karius but mainly be our first choice. Dunno who that would be though. @jsexton24

Just stick Karius back in. @PhilBlundell

KINGSTON-UPON-HULL, ENGLAND - Saturday, February 4, 2017: Hull City's Alfred N'Diaye challenges Liverpool's goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, which leads to the opening goal, during the FA Premier League match at the KCOM Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Emre Can’t

Can is a disgrace. Playing with 10 here basically. Absolute passenger first half. @PaulSenior1

Why’s Gini even been dropped? Can won a few headers against Chelsea but wouldn’t say it was a particularly great game from him and he’s been bang out of form. Wijnaldum’s just scored in one of our biggest games of the season but gets bombed out. Mad. @jsexton24

The away from home narrative innit? Same was levelled at him at Newcastle. @robbohuyton

Is that even something that’s been proven since he’s been with us though? I know he never scored for them away from home but feel like he’s had good games away since he’s been with us. @jsexton24

I know, but I’ve heard it at least four times on TV and radio today.

Can’s passing forward has been mad — he’s tried the telegraphed chip over and over. It’s not working, mate — stop doing it. @robbohuyton

KINGSTON-UPON-HULL, ENGLAND - Saturday, February 4, 2017: Liverpool's Emre Can in action against Hull City's Alfred N'Diaye during the FA Premier League match at the KCOM Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Full-Back Fallout

I have been wondering recently if Clyne is fucking shit yanno.

I’d like a set of full-backs who are quick and get goals assists and that, it we are playing two deep midfielders. @PaulSenior1

Trent offers more going forward. @jsexton24

Well in games with 70 per cent possession he should be playing then. There needs to be a conversation about how Moreno would be such a bad thing in a side that does very little defending and lacks pace. @PaulSenior1

Been thinking this watching Milner recently. @jsexton24

Square pegs only work short term. @PaulSenior1

Moreno isn’t the answer to anything. @robbohuyton

KINGSTON-UPON-HULL, ENGLAND - Saturday, February 4, 2017: Liverpool's James Milner looks dejected after missing a chance against Hull City during the FA Premier League match at the KCOM Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The Conclusion

Hull are crap and we’ve absolutely gifted them this. They’ve sat in and defended and fought, which they are entitled to do. But a decent keeper, a decent defence, doesn’t concede either of those goals. And that means as it gets later and later the more Hull panic, the more they tire, and the more likely Liverpool score. Absolutely wrapped it up and give them it. Shite, Liverpool. Shite.

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Nail on the head there, Robbo. You can’t be a wrecking machine if you turn the pressure off, make them a cup of tea, give them a butty and then ask them if they mind getting back in the machine for a bit once they are fucking sound again. Soft goals kill momentum, belief, and me softly.

When you aren’t playing well your best players need to dig you out. Your centre forward needs to score out of nothing. Your centre mid needs to will the match in your favour. Your keeper needs to punch someone’s head off rather than pass it to their lad. We won’t win shit all without some more boss lads. Not clinical enough in either box. @Benjanijohnson

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