WITH Christmas just days away TAW contributors have made their lists in preparation for the big day.



My Turn: The Autobiography by Johan Cruyff

Beyond the statistics, beyond the results, beyond the acclaim lies a footballer’s story — and I’m bang into learning about the person behind a player, especially when it is a great, an absolute giant of the game.

Candy 1989/91 away shirt

My original was ruined by a bastard, conspiring burst pipe. A tragedy to a thing of magnificence.

Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones in rose gold

Transcribing is the worst. Beyond the worst. May as well have something boss on my ears while I’m doing it!

Monkey 47

I am in love with gin, and it loves me back. I’ve got my own little collection going (not to be biased, but Liverpool Gin is a taste of heaven) and have Spanish, French, South African and Japanese bottles. Next on my list is Monkey 47, which I’ve had up on Hope Street a few times. Like Jürgen Klopp, it comes from the Black Forest. #Winning



Ring Of Fire by Si Hughes

I bought both Red Machine and Men In White Suits for my dad last Christmas, mainly because I knew he’d give them to me afterwards so I could seem like a good son while basically buying myself a book. Seems only right that someone buys it for me this year. I’m afraid someone will buy me Norman Bettison’s book because ‘it’s about Liverpool’ and I’ll have to burn it in front of them and ruin Christmas for everyone.


I’ve always been a Pro Evolution boy, favouring the gameplay and believing that anyone can win on FIFA as it’s dead easy to pick up; something I proved when I played it for the first time in an HMV in Manchester in 2008 and my Liverpool side battered some kid’s Manchester United side who’d been playing everyone for about an hour. I’ve already bought myself Pro Evo this year so I’m happy enough to have a crack at FIFA again and see if the gameplay’s actually any better.

The iPad Pro

I’m an Apple fanboy and have been ever since I bought a Mac randomly about 10 years ago. Can’t even look at a Windows computer now. My family doesn’t really do massive presents, putting a £50 limit on stuff, so it would be brilliant to open up a pressie on Christmas morning and have an iPad Pro sitting in front of me. I’ve got the iPad Air 2 at the minute but it’s a bit too small to take away with me when I go on holiday and need to do work, but I reckon the Pro will be brilliant.

Hive Active Light Bulbs

My girlfriend and I recently moved house and the one we moved into had the Hive Active Heating System set up in it. I’ve since bought the Amazon Echo which works with them so I can turn the heating on with my voice. I still have to get off my arse to turn the lights on, though, so if I can get some bulbs I’ll never have to move again. Is this the most Tory Christmas list of all the TAW contributors? Probably. Not arsed, though. Love my gadgets.



Saturday, 3pm: 50 Eternal Delights of Modern Football by Daniel Gray

I know he’s a mate but this book is a delight. A perfect gift for anyone you know who might have slightly fell out of love with the game and need reminding of it’s beauty. Dan’s joys don’t just come from being in the ground itself, although there is plenty of that; fat players, physio races and outfield players in goal. They are also about the moments football seeps into every day life. Listening to the results in the car, getting the fixture list or even simply spotting a ground on the train. They say football makes us feel like a child. This book made me feel 11, in the playground, swapping stickers. Nice one, Dan.

1990-92 Northern Ireland Umbro Full Tracksuit *w/Tags* XL

I had no idea this time last year I’d be seeing Northern Ireland twice in 2016, or that they were the best team in the world. But now I’m a top Ulster Wool I need to look the part. This trackie from the early ’90s is absolute flames. Suitable for going the match, five-a-side warm up, or even dinner at the in-laws. It’s got everything.

Fireplus 6+1 Gas Burner Grill BBQ Barbecue incl. Side Burner – Black 77 x 42cm

You’ll probably know I’ve recently bought a house because, in the world of Neil Atkinson, everything is content. The manliest thing you can buy for a new house is a BBQ, and this one is better than the oven in my kitchen. In fact it’s better than my kitchen. I’d love to get this bad boy out in the two weeks in July the English refer to as “summer”.

Complete Spa Indulgence at Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa

I’m doing every game this season. My body hurts already. I reckon I need a bit of pampering to get me through it all. For body and soul. Have chosen one in Formby in the hope that Steven Gerrard comes with me. We’ll have a lovely day.



The Wenger Revolution by Amy Lawrence

Although it’s Ferguson whose face festoons most of the images associated with the first 20 years of the Premier League, for me it’s Arsene Wenger who’s the architect of modern English top-flight football. New approaches to nutrition and training, the introduction of exciting foreign players, ‘walking it in’ and of course our shared love of little creative midfielders make him, for me, the most exciting and enigmatic football presence outside of Liverpool. Add to this that Amy Lawrence is one of the best football writers around today and also enjoyed unparalleled access for this book and that must be a winning combination. I look forward to buying it for my dad and reading it first.

Liverpool Bar Scarf

Anfield’s cold, innit. A nice red and white scarf, a stripy one preferably, in a Where’s Wally print should fit the bill. If we’re being adventurous (and why not) I’d like a spaceman print scarf from & Other Stories. Last year when I was panic buying at Christmas I nearly bought my nan a Bob Paisley scarf on the basis they’re both from the North East. If I was to go with a film, I’d be putting my order in for Degsy Lovren: Zero to Hero. His journey to redemption has been a proper little Christmas miracle. More sleighbell, please.

Crossley Box Turntables

I got a DJ In A Box when I was 21 and I’ve been playing my records through that, but it sounds terrible and doesn’t look brilliant. I’m very drawn to the little Crossley box turntables, particularly the orange one as it goes with my sofa. If anyone wants to swap it for some Numark belt drives and some duplicate, probably slightly warped, summer tunes on Defected I’d be very amenable.

Adopt A Donkey

My mum’s finally agreed that after 36 years of wanting one I might possibly be responsible enough to get a dog. Of course,I wouldn’t ask for a dog for Christmas, but if anyone wanted to adopt me a donkey I wouldn’t say no. My friend adopted me one for my 30th and I worried terribly about his welfare when I didn’t renew his annual fee — hope you’re not working Blackpool beach to make ends meet, William.

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