BOXING Day was a bit rubbish, wasn’t it? Footy-wise at least, all the eating and drinking was sound. But no Liverpool game and having to sit there watching everyone else win, even bloody Everton and they’re shite, was a bit galling. Well. We know what to do, Reds.

Neil had sent an email round about a fairly impromptu TAW get together before the game. He said 12 but we all know what that means. I headed in about 12 with Hunter and Krista, friends from America who are over for Christmas football action. Needless to say we were first there at half past, although Phil Blundell wasn’t far behind.

I initially met Hunter on our first visit to New York as part of the Sound City trip in March 2013. We did live shows at the 11th Street Bar in Manhattan and a live podcast at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. That’s practically a US Tour. As usual we didn’t think anyone would come but a few, like Hunter, actually travelled in from other cities to say hi. Hunter was fresh off the plane when we met him in 11th Street, he even had his bags with him.

Hunter enjoyed himself so much that trip he brought his missus, Krista, with him next time to join the festivities. We were invited back on two more occasions, by the NYC Kopites and to the newly-formed Carragher’s Bar, and it was always good to see familiar faces, like Hunter, in the crowd and in the bar before and after.

People treat us so well wherever we go with The Wrap, making everything so easy for us. Therefore, when anyone from those trips needs any help I’ll always try and oblige. So when Hunter asked about tips on where to stay in Liverpool, I told him to stay with us. It was the least I could do. Although we were building his bedroom furniture the night before his arrival…

People slowly started to arrive at Newington. Phil’s mates, Neil Atkinson, a very hungover Andy Heaton. The beer was flowing a little too well. It is almost as though, after a whiskey sponsored Christmas, I had forgotten how much I liked it. A few of us left, a few stayed. For me it was up to Pogues to see the usual crowd. Well it had been a whole three days since we had a drink together.

By this point I’m very merry indeed. I haven’t got a great memory of how we got to the ground but I think someone ordered a Delta. When we got there, we see my dad and Ben aggressively tried to kiss him. My dad reacted in the same way as Irish barmaids when Ben aggressively tries to kiss them.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Tuesday, December 27, 2016: Stoke City's former Liverpool player Peter Crouch applauds the supporters as he is substituted during the FA Premier League match against Liverpool at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

After a quick one in The Glenbuck we were in the ground. Liverpool started like they’d had too much brandy sauce. Stoke scored and I was depressed so I did a bit of shouting at Jon Walters.

By half-time everything seemed to be fine so I got myself a pie and, as it’s Christmas, my dad a Bovril. Don’t get used to it, Dad. By full-time everything is even more fine and we bounce down the hill full of the joys of three points.

That night, Boss are having a gig. The famous and wonderful Boss Mag is unfortunately no more, but the lads from the fanzine still throw parties for Liverpool fans from time to time. Tonight, I suppose, is their Christmas party. Very much brought to you by Sadio Mane.

The Shipbuilders were on first and tear through their set, only pausing midway for a quick rendition of Scouser Tommy. The irrepressible Mark Frith was on next and he loop pedalled his way through a load of classics the crowd loved. As is tradition, the incomparable Luke Jarmey got up and sang a few too. Including, of course, a version of Three Little Birds that at one point looks like it will never end.

I’d had enough of cans of Red Stripe by that point so I bounced back up to Pogues, just missing last orders. Never mind, though. We stumbled down to Newington, just the 12 hours after we started there, where local bar owner Mike Girling was only happy to host the party. He may have even had one or two of his own drinks by that point…just to test the quality, of course.

Once Newington had enough of us I had a very unnecessary drink in Mojo, danced on a table for a while, and got a taxi home. But not before me and Matty from The Shipbuilders had a drunken cuddle on the street.

‘Cause every little thing. Is gonna be alright.

Here is our latest free show in the aftermath of the Reds 4-1 win over Stoke City — just press play!

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